13 Jun 2008, 7:43pm
by admin

Electra Fire

Location: 5 mi NW of Mokelumne Hill, Calaveras Co., Amador Co., CA

Specific Location: Electra Road near Powerhouse

Date of Origin: 06/13/08
Cause: Under Investigation

Situation as of 06/14/08 8:00 AM
Total Personnel: ??
Size: 400 acres
Percent Contained 100%

Costs to Date: $300,000


Situation as of 06/13/08 6:00 PM
Total Personnel: ??
Size: 400 acres
Percent Contained 0%

Precautionary evacuations for Ponderosa Way and Stig Lane.

A high tension powerline in the vicinity of the fire has been de-energized. The majority of Amador county is without power. The powerhouse on Electra Road is at the lower end of the Electra Tunnel (below Lake Tabeaud) and is a major hydroelectric generation station. The Electra Tunnel discharges into the Mokelumne River.

15 Jun 2008, 8:43pm
by Michael Curry

My friend Keith Breazeal has some photos from the Electra Fire on his site.


Keith is an Amador County resident, as am I. My home is just over the ridge from the site of the Electra fire, but fortunately we did not need to evacuate. Many thanks to the fire fighters for their efforts!



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