18 Apr 2012, 9:22am
Commentary Updates
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Commentary Updates

SOS Forests

The Big Lie About Fire Retardant

The Jaramillo Subchron and the Domestication of Fire

Government To Purchase 27 New Bombing Ranges

100,000 Birds Die in Old-Growth Firebombing

USFS Replaces Fire Retardant With Napalm

A Devolutionary Idea: Give Oregon Counties Our Public Forests

The New USFS Planning Rule Is a Pack of Lies

Ron Wyden: Nomex Ninny of the Year

Obama Aborts Congress, Constitution, With New Ocean Agency

Utah Demands Her Land Back

A Voice for Local Government in Our National Forests

Machu Picchu of the Umpqua [here]

Wildlife and People:

The ESA Has Failed

Otter Signs Wolf Disaster Bill

Budget Wolf Rider a Farce

Federal Wolves - States Rights

Of Wolves and Men

Molloy Rejects Suckling Wolf Fraud Deal

Idaho Enacts Wolf Bill

Idaho Wolf Disaster Bill To Be Considered

The Muddier Pro-Wolf Efforts Make The Water, The Clearer Their Intentions Become

Rehberg Doubts Wolf Settlement Will Solve the Problem

Judge’s decision unfairly punishes ranching community

News From the Salmon Front:

Fisheries Scientists Drowning in Alarmist Equivocation

Salmon Scientists Blind to Record Fraser River Salmon Runs

Thank You for Your Generosity

Are Overpaid Fish Biologists Stuck On Stupid?

Record Fall Chinook Run Occurring

Record Sockeye Run in B.C.

Sockeye salmon run sets record for Columbia River

Record Salmon Return Explained

Summer Salmon Report July 25th

Another Bubbleheaded Salmon Lawsuit