12 Jan 2011, 6:30pm
Commentary Updates
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Commentary Updates

SOS Forests

Pacific Northwest Temperatures Have Been Trending Downward For the Last 25 Years, Despite Predictions of Continued Warming

McClintock On the Royal USFS

Plutocrats On Parade

Bust a Fistprint For Karl Marx

Time to Boycott Georgia-Pacific?

Tree Rats Doom Forest Management, Restoration

Destroying History With a Vengeance

Global Warming, Forest Fires, and SOS Forests

… Machu Picchu of the Umpqua [here]

Wildlife and People:

Feel-good wolf resolution will fix nothing

Which Organizations Should U.S. Sportsmen Support?

The Source of the Harmless Wolf Myth

Thank You for Your Generosity

Another USFWS Cover-Up

Depredations of Livestock Up 450 to 1,000 Percent in Montana

Western Members Introduce Bill to Delist Gray Wolf

Idaho Wolf Encounter

IDFG Joins the Wildlands Project

USFWS Rejection of Wyoming Wolf Management Plan Ruled Arbitrary and Capricious

News From the Salmon Front:

Thank You for Your Generosity

Are Overpaid Fish Biologists Stuck On Stupid?

Record Fall Chinook Run Occurring

Record Sockeye Run in B.C.

Sockeye salmon run sets record for Columbia River

Record Salmon Return Explained

Summer Salmon Report July 25th

Another Bubbleheaded Salmon Lawsuit

Spring Chinook Report June 2nd

Spring Chinook Report April 30th