20 Jan 2009, 9:12pm
by admin

Redirect IDFG priority, bloated payroll

by Ed Lindahl, Idaho County Free Press, Jan 14, 2008 [here]

Attention Idaho Sportsmen: Idaho Fish and Game has been systematically abandoning its management of Idaho’s hunted/fished wild species such as elk, deer and trout. The department changed its priority to that of protecting, preserving, perpetuating and managing Idaho’s biological diversity, including insects and plants, for all generations. It’s being done almost entirely with your license, tag, and excise tax dollars.

The requested FY2010 workforce exceeds 1000 (528 full-time, 424 temps w/benefits and “many” temps without benefits). Paying for its new mission and growing payroll the department sought legislative approval of a $77,150,600, FY2009 budget and a 20 percent fee increase in FY2010. That’s hard to understand in these tough times. Our governor has announced holding back 4 percent from other departments. It could increase.

You can redirect the department’s priority and reign in its bloated payroll. Meet with, write, call or e-mail your legislators and request they bring to a halt the mission change, payroll growth and expansion/maintenance of non-game/nonessential programs. Request that they vote to cause the department to:

- Make top priority the fully funded management of Idaho’s hunted/fished wild species.
- Reduce the permanent workforce to the maximum of 528 authorized by law.
- Withdraw all fee increases for the duration of these tough economic times.
- Reduce FY2010 budget authority to FY2007 actual expenditures.

Please request what’s outlined above. It will help secure the necessary change from the direction in which the department is heading. Do it for deer, elk and trout and other hunted/fished wild species. Do it for yourself and fellow sportsmen.

Ed Lindahl, Sagle ID



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