15 Jan 2009, 11:23am
Endangered Specious Homo sapiens Wolves
by admin

Wolf Delisting Redux a Ruse and a Sham

We reported [here] that the US Fish and Wildlife Service intends to delist Rocky Mountain wolves again, probably at the end of the month. The delisting will include all Rocky Mountain wolves except those in Wyoming.

The rationale for excluding Wyoming is that they have not written an adequate state wolf management plan. From USFWS “talking points”:

• While the Service has approved wolf management plans in Montana and Idaho, it determined that Wyoming’s current state law and wolf management plan are not sufficient to conserve Wyoming’s portion of a recovered northern Rocky Mountain wolf population.

• So even though Wyoming is included in the northern Rocky Mountain DPS, the subpopulation of gray wolves in Wyoming is not being removed from protection of the Endangered Species Act at this time.

Hanging Wyoming out to dry is a ruse, a red herring intended to draw attention away from delisting the other RM wolves.

The simple fact is that Rocky Mountain (Canadian gray) wolves are NOT endangered. The species is not at risk of going extinct. There are more than 60,000 wolves in Canada and the population is growing in leaps and bounds. The wolf populations in the US are also multiplying like crazy, expanding at 25% or more per year. Yellowstone NP (it’s in Wyoming) is saturated with wolves and ungulate (elk, deer, bison) populations are crashing due to wolf predation. In Idaho and Montana game herds are disappearing and hungry wolves are killing livestock in record numbers.

The USFWS attempted to delist RM wolves last year. They were sued and lost, not because wolves are at risk but because of egregiously bad decisions by pseudo-scientific judges. Rather than appealing the goofy judgments, last December the USFWS capitulated and relisted non-endangered wolves.

Now, in the waning moments of the Bush Administration, the USFWS offers up an off-the-wall Delisting Redux. It is shadow puppet theater, however. If the Obamaloids don’t squelch it within minutes of taking office, the usual suspect enviro-hysteric litigation-happy “advocacy” groups will sue.

Decision To Delist Gray Wolves To Be Challenged In Court

by Dee Chisamera, eFluxMedia, January 15th 2009 [here]

Rodger Schlickeisen, president of Defenders of Wildlife, called it a blatantly political maneuver that the Bush administration has been supporting since day one. It is nonsense to rush this rule through when states have plans to kill hundreds of wolves as soon as they’re delisted, he further explained, also adding that the Defenders of Wildlife organization plans to challenge the decision in court.

The Center for Biological Diversity also threatened to take the matter to court. Its representative, Michael Robinson, warned this rule (…) will result in the deaths of over a thousand wolves, and will unravel the natural balance these wolves have maintained. The organization reinforced the idea that the delisting doesn’t fix any problem, but instead it creates new ones that will prevent the gray wolf populations from recovering.

“Natural balance” is a crock of junk pseudo-science, promulgated by wackos in the face of near consensus among wildlife ecologists that “natural balance” is a fairy tale myth. Be that as it may, the wackos will sue and the USFWS will again mount no defense.

According to informed Wildlife and People readers, Delisting Revisited is:

… a ruse designed by the USFWS to demonize the Bush Administration and nail down once and for all that the wolf is to be forever listed as an Endangered Species.

For the past 12 years the attorney generals and governors of Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming squandered every opportunity to have this issue decided in federal court based on facts and law. Their foot-dragging incompetence has resulted in laches: they have “slept on their rights” and as a result of the delay have crippled their claim. Laches is a form of estoppel for delay. Equity aids the vigilant, not the negligent. And the attorney generals and governors of Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming did it for money, the pittance of Federal wolf funding that has been a handy bag of loot for the state bosses.

State and Federal governments have perpetrated a fraud. Canadian wolves are not endangered. On the contrary, their populations are burgeoning and it is ungulate populations that are crashing as a result. Too many sticky fingers in the till have sold the residents of Rocky Mountain states down wolf river, trampling Constitutional rights like a herd of enraged elephants.

The latest machination from the USFWS is a soft lob to the crazies who will hit it out of the park. Real suffering will result, to both humans and wildlife. It is another shameful episode in an endless parade of shame.

It is past time for states to stand up to the Feds and restore human rights to Americans. The displays of gutlessness and venality of elected officials have gone on long enough. It is time to put an end to predatory offenses against man and nature by sacrosanct, uncontrolled wolves.

15 Jan 2009, 1:28pm
by Mike

Wolves were declared “recovered” in 2002. The USFWS had 7 years to take care of the injustice and catastrophe to wildlife and livestock due to the burgeoning, non-endangered wolf population. Instead they dawdled and obfuscated, made a passing effort last year, from which they retreated for no good reason, and now they throw out a can of worms as Bush leaves office.

Pathetic!!!! And wholly corrupt. The USFWS operates with aggressive malevolence toward the citizens who pay their salaries. From polar bears to spotted owls to jumping mice, the USFWS manages to screw up everything they touch. Junk science and kowtowing to extremist sociopath groups has turned the USFWS into an anti-American terrorist agency.

What is it that rampant, blood-thirsty predators spread but destruction and terror? If it howls like a wolf, slinks like a wolf, and kills like a wolf, then it is a wolf.

21 Jan 2009, 1:09pm
by Russell C.

True statement !!!!!!!!
It’s all for power and to take away our Rights.



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