Linked below are suggested amendments to S. 2593, the Forest Landscape Restoration Act of 2008 and an explanatory letter. These documents were crafted by members of the Western Institute for Study of the Environment.

Suggested Amendments [here]

Explanatory letter [here]

Your comments and suggestions for submitting this testimony are most welcome. No hearing has been scheduled yet, to my knowledge, but I am far out of the loop. Your help is sincerely requested.

February 28, 2008 | 3 Comments | Topic:  Forest Landscape Restoration Act of 2008

On February 5th Senator Jeff Bingaman (D-NM) introduced S. 2593, the Forest Landscape Restoration Act of 2008. It is similar in some respects to the Pacific Northwest Forest Legacy Act suggested by Rep. Peter DeFazio in January [here], but Bingaman’s bill is also substantially different.

The full text of S. 2593 is [here]. An excerpt:

The Secretary, in consultation with the Secretary of the Interior, shall establish a Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Program to select and fund ecological restoration treatments for priority forest landscapes in accordance with applicable law.

(b) Eligibility Criteria- To be eligible for nomination under subsection (c), a collaborative forest landscape restoration proposal shall-

(1) be based on a landscape restoration strategy that-

(A) is complete or substantially complete;

(B) identifies and prioritizes ecological restoration treatments for a 10-year period across a landscape that is-

(i) at least 50,000 acres;

(ii) comprised primarily of forested National Forest System land, but may also include other Federal, State, tribal, or private land;

(iii) in need of active ecosystem restoration; and

(iv) accessible by existing or proposed wood-processing infrastructure at an appropriate scale to use woody biomass and small-diameter wood removed in ecological restoration treatments;

All analyses and comments are more than welcome, they are urgently needed. Please review and send us your thinking. Thank you.

February 15, 2008 | 8 Comments | Topic:  Forest Landscape Restoration Act of 2008, Federal forest policy