9 Dec 2009, 7:22pm
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We Have the Whole World in Our Hands

by Dr. Ed Berry, ClimatePhysics.com

It snowed in Sacramento this morning at elevations of a few hundred feet above sea level. Five inches of snow fell in Auburn at about 800 feet ASL. Meanwhile, it has been too cold to snow in Kalispell where the high today was 10 F. When I went out my front door, the birds, which always fly away, stayed perched on my fence and looked at me as if to say, “It’s too cold to fly.”

We are headed for -15 F. I filled the propane tank last month. This is the kind of weather where you must think survival. Prepare for the unexpected. Always have a plan to stay warm no matter what happens. Just like when you go sailing, always be prepared to capsize.

Meanwhile, Obama, Gore, the EPA, and eco-activists around the world say America must sign the Copenhagen Treaty to save the planet from overheating. I have news for them. First, their claimed climate change problem does not exist. Second, a treaty cannot save the planet, it can only take away our freedom. Third, it’s getting colder, not warmer.

They tell us the last decade was the warmest in the last century. They lie. How they lie has been exposed in the eco-activists emails and computer code. Simply put, they “adjust” the real data in a secret manner to get temperatures that fit their agenda. It’s called in their words, “hide the decline.” Then they shred the real data so outside scientists cannot check it.

At the same time they tell us they don’t know why the temperatures declined since 2001 when their computer models predicted it would get warmer. They say it was “supposed” to get warmer because their computer models said it would. So they claim the data is wrong!

Our answer is simple: their models are wrong. This proves their hypothesis is wrong, which proves their whole claim of global warming and climate change is wrong. That is how science works. If a prediction is wrong then the hypothesis is wrong. At least that’s how science worked before political correctness took over.

The eco-activist scientists admit (in their emails) they do not know why it is cooling, but they predict it will get warm in a few years. Let’s get realistic. They were wrong since 2001. On what basis should anyone believe them when they say it will get warm again in a few years? They have lost their credibility.

On our side there are good scientific reasons to believe we are now in a cooling period that may last until about 2030. The Pacific Decadal Oscillation turned negative in about 2001 and it has a cycle length of about 30 years. The long lack of sun spots is a predictor of much cooler temperatures. We are getting cooler temperatures. We got record low temperatures beginning with Canada last winter. Now the colder temperatures are moving south. The data suggest these hypotheses are correct.

Here is what the eco-activist scientists tell us:

* They tell us it’s getting warmer while it’s really getting colder.

* They tell us warm is bad and cool is good, but the truth is just the opposite.

* They tell us our carbon dioxide makes it get warmer, but if it gets colder they still blame it on our carbon dioxide.

* They tell us carbon dioxide makes it get warmer, but the truth is warmer oceans make more carbon dioxide with a long time lag.

* They say we must cut back on our energy to cool the planet but the reality is less energy will only reduce our standard of living.

* They tell us less energy is good for us, but we know we will need more cheap energy to survive the coming cold.

* They admit they don’t know what the climate is doing, but they want us to believe they can save us if we pay enough taxes and give up our Constitution.

Good scientists predict cooling and eco-activist scientists predict warming. Our government is in bed with the eco-activist scientists. Who are you going to call?

As we expected, the EPA (which is run by Obama’s extreme eco-Nazi) called carbon dioxide “pollution” and said they are going to regulate it. In the extreme, we must all stop breathing. Unless we stop them, the EPA will stop us from producing cheap energy and will force us to pay much higher energy costs and have energy rationing. The EPA is going to regulate, regulate, regulate. Expect to have armed government goons in your neighborhood telling you how to live.

This outcome is not much different than if an enemy force invaded America and made us all slaves. At the moment, it looks like America has willingly laid down to die.

If we don’t stop them, the EPA will choke off all possibility of our ever recovering American energy production, businesses, jobs and our economy. While they are driving us into the ground, other government agencies are fast at work adding more ways to regulate our lives.

Lord Christopher Monckton has warned us. If the Copenhagen Treaty becomes ratified in America, we will lose our Constitution and we will be ruled thereafter by the United Nations. We will never be able to get our freedom back.

Obama wants this. Most of our Senators want this. Bringing an end to America is more important to them than their oath of office to uphold our Constitution. They are traitors and they are our enemy.

When will the American people wake up to what is happening to them? Will they wake up in time?

To save our freedom, we must beat the climate change fraud and unravel everything that has been done in its name. We must remove the laws and regulations that are binding America. We must use our natural resources and our talent and once again make America the wonder of the world.

You who are reading this are aware of the danger we are in. We must find away to inform a much greater number of our citizens of the danger we all face. We are standing on the edge of a cliff. If we fall we will never return. We have our freedom in our hands.

We have the whole world in our hands.

Edwin X Berry, PhD
Atmospheric Physicist
Certified Consulting Meteorologist #180
Bigfork, Montana
American Meteorological Society
American Physical Society
American Geophysical Union
Copyright (c) 2009 by Edwin X Berry, PhD

You may freely distribute and publish this letter so long as all parts are kept complete.

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