19 Nov 2009, 10:34am
Useless and Stupid
by admin

Bleeding the Government Dry: Green Orgs Suing Uncle Sam

Yesterday Fox News reported [watch the video here] on the $billions paid to enviro litigants, a story we covered a month ago [here, here].

Win, lose, or draw, green pork (in the form of outrageous attorney fees) is passed to environmental groups who have filed tens of thousands of lawsuits against the Federal Government.

No environmental good is done by all the shyster monkey wrenching; in fact, enviro litigation drives massive environmental destruction. Shutting down active management of our National Forests has directly resulted in tens of millions of acres of priceless forests destroyed by megafires, wholesale incineration of wildlife and wildlife habitat, tens of thousands of homes burned, and hundreds of human lives lost.

Groups like the Sierra Club and Wild Earth Guardians engage in legal sabotage and subterfuge aimed at replacing sustainable land management with uncontrolled holocaust, and are handsomely rewarded by Congress for doing so.

It’s a racket, and the American taxpayers are the pigeons getting fried.

19 Nov 2009, 11:55pm
by bear bait

Green NGOs have Congress paying them at every juncture in administration of law. For some unknown reason, government land management agencies cannot buy land from a willing seller. Nope. They have to have The Trust for Public Lands or The Nature Conservancy buy the land and then resell to the Feds. That they add thirty to one hundred percent in fees and administrative costs to the sale, and the Feds willingly pay, ought to make your butt itch. No matter, that is how it now works.

So the outfits that sue the Feds on a daily basis, also get fed by the the Feds in costs and fees for dealing land to them. In other words, the Sierra Club or the Wilderness Society are just parallel government agencies, and their personnel operate between the NGOs and the Federal Land management agencies as a matter of course. Depending upon who is holding the White House will determine if any given person is working for the administration or for the NGO. A very cozy deal, indeed.

When Republicans took control of the House in 1994, all the former committee staff for the majority, the Democrats, merely left their staff jobs in Congress and went to work for the agency their committee had oversight duties about and for. And they civil serviced into those jobs and were there sabotaging the Bush administration from 2000 to 2008, when they left the NGOs and agencies to resume their jobs with the new majority side in congressional committees or even rose to Cabinet and sub Cabinet level jobs as under secretaries of whatever in the various cabinet level appointments.

The spoils of war. The way things work. And those who don’t stay with government are down on K street working for the lobbies. No matter, they still make policy and run the government, as Administration, Agency, Congressional or Lobby employees. They all have the same access and ears, and you see the same faces in different jobs. New faces are few and far between. Therein lies the corruption in the deal that once was supposed to be about the layman, journeyman, legislator being a part time lawmaker and full time citizen and business person or educator or clergy. No more. Now we have professional government for professional government, by professional government. If anything of good happens to fall out of the place, it is most likely by accident.



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