14 Aug 2009, 8:15pm
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Forest Cognitive Dissonance From the Obama Administration

The following pair of news articles demonstrate what all America is gradually coming to understand: the Obama Administration is schizophrenic.

There is the normally functioning government, primarily civil servants, who don’t function very well, but at least they are trying. Then there is a radical anti-American cabal of lunatic lefties who infest the White House like cockroaches.

In the first article we note that Tom Vilsack, current Secretary of Agriculture and former governor of Iowa, intends to call for active management and restoration of federal forests to address “catastrophic wildfires and insect outbreaks.” Way to go, Tom. We applaud your perspicacity and vision.

Vilsack calls for renewed emphasis on forests

By MATTHEW DALY - Associated Press Writer 08/14/09 [here]

WASHINGTON — Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack is urging more attentive management of forests, calling them valuable environmental and economic attributes that are in need of restoration and conservation.

Such an approach would combat climate change, protect water resources and improve forest conditions, he said in a speech prepared for delivery later Friday. Not only that, the changes would create thousands of jobs, Vilsack added.

“Declining forest health and the effects of our changing climate have resulted in an increasing number of catastrophic wildfires and insect outbreaks that have consumed the time and resources of the Forest Service,” the former Iowa governor said in remarks obtained by The Associated Press.

“It is time for a change in the way we view and manage America’s forest lands with an eye toward the future,” he said. “This will require an unprecedented, all-lands approach that engages the American people and stakeholders. It is essential that we reconnect Americans across the nation with the natural resources and landscapes that sustain us.”

Vilsack is set to deliver the speech, his first address on the Forest Service, later Friday in Seattle. He was urging “a collaborative management approach with a heavy focus on restoring” natural resources. …

But in the second article, all that is thrown under the bus by an unnamed and mysterious “spokesman for the Justice Department” who says the Obama Administration is opposed to active forest management and restoration of public forests. The Obamaloids want to revive the dead and buried, illegal and enjoined Clinton/Dombeck Roadless Rule [here].

Obama asks court to block forest road building

By MATTHEW DALY Associated Press Writer Aug 13, 2009 [here]

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Obama administration says it will defend a 2001 rule imposed by President Bill Clinton that blocked road construction and other development on tens of millions of acres of remote national forests.

The administration’s decision was contained in court papers filed Thursday in a case in Wyoming that could help settle the fate of remote federal forests. The administration is siding with environmentalists in the case. …

A spokesman for the Justice Department said the appeal notice, filed in U.S. District Court in Wyoming, meets a Friday deadline to preserve the government’s right to pursue the appeal. …

The Wyoming case is pending in the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, where environmental groups are appealing a ruling by a federal judge repealing the Clinton roadless rule. Arguments are expected this fall before an appeals panel in Denver.

Environmentalists called the Obama administration’s decision to defend the Clinton-era rule a major step toward resolving the roadless issue in their favor.

“We are grateful that the Obama administration is upholding and honoring the commitment of the president to uphold and enforce the 2001 roadless rule,” said Kristen Boyles, a lawyer for the environmental group Earthjustice, which represents a coalition of environmental groups in both appeals. Obama had said during the presidential campaign that he supports roadless values. …

So which is it? Is the Obama Administration going to pursue a responsible approach to dealing with our crisis of catastrophic wildfires and insects that are destroying America’s forests? Or is the Obama Administration going to shut down, lock up, and incinerate by megafire 60 million acres?

Last month Ken Salazar, Secretary of the Interior, decided to interfere in scientific decisions and plans drafted by the professionals in his Department [here]. That’s a bad sign. It means politics trumps professional judgment in Salazar’s bailiwick — lunatic politics to boot, and exactly the kind of action that the Lunatic Left (falsely) accused and castigated the Bush Administration for.

Are responsible adults in charge, or Marxist anarchists who hate America, Americans, and our priceless heritage forests with inflamed passions?

It’s tough to say. You can’t fault journalist Matt Daly, who wrote both of these articles. He has no idea, either. He just reports what they tell him to report. And you can’t fault the American public, who are on the receiving end of cognitive dissonance emanating from our strangely psychotic government. I mean, even stranger than the usual government psychosis.

Bill Clinton was famous for “triangulating” issues — finding some middle way that was acceptable to opposing factions. Obama’s strategy is to bifurcate issues and adopt wildly diverging points of view at the same time, in a manner serves to annoy and frustrate everybody.

America is beginning to question whether Obama has allegiance to anything, other than to making horrendously bad decisions. He seems to have lost control, or perhaps he never had it. The White House has become a hotbed of radical extremists, but apparently (most of) the rest of the Executive Branch is operating at arms length from those folks.

Or maybe not. Who can tell? My advice: Obama should concentrate on managing Government Motors and the Clunker program, his pet projects, and leave the rest of the Executive Branch to be run by sane people. He might fumigate the White House, too. Insect infestations can do a lot of damage.



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