6 Jun 2009, 4:55pm
Climate and Weather Politics and politicians
by admin

Former Clinton Official: Strangle Climate Skeptics in Bed!

Joe Romm, former Clinton Administration official and purveyor of the Climate Progress blog, has clarified an earlier threat made on his website to “strangle [climate skeptics] and your kind while you sleep in your beds.”

Romm now say the statement was “clearly not a threat but a prediction” [here].

Climate realists like myself do not take veiled threats (or “predictions”) from radical former government functionaries lightly. Joe Romm is clearly a terrorist and a traitor to American values of life, liberty, and the rule of law.

Climate alarmists such as Romm, NASA berserker James Hansen, and Al “Porky” Gore are growing increasingly insane as the global warming hoax they have perpetrated is discarded by intelligent people.

It may not be enough to dispel the hoax with reason. Armed and dangerous radical wackos may need to be dispatched as they crawl in through other people’s windows late at night. Romm et al. should remember that in the U.S. a person may legitimately use deadly physical force if that person is in reasonable fear of serious physical injury or death.

9 Jun 2009, 6:10pm
by Larry H.

I’m seeing that the elitist global warmiers are starting to panic about the climate bill currently in Congress. Democrats are at each other’s throats in conflict over whether the Waxman-Markey bill will be enough “to avert climate disaster”. Extremists are advocating taking it to the streets but, stopping short of saying violence is necessary (but not outright saying it is out of the question). I predict that somewhere along the line, there WILL be an explosive violent incident that some people feel will “wake up the world”.

I also believe that such an incident will solidify the notion that these people really ARE crazy. Normal Democrats will have no choice but to side against them and their extremist ways. Even though we are only a handful of months into the Obama regime’s reign, some followers are not happy with his rule. Even though I am not a Republican, I have to laugh at their petty comflicts and lack of unity.

Let’s just hope that no one gets seriously hurt when Democratic shit hits a Democratic fan.



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