6 May 2009, 2:18pm
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by admin

Wilkes to Be Nominated for USDA Under Secretary for the USFS

Mississippi NRCS Administrator Homer Lee Wilkes was tapped yesterday by Obama to serve as Undersecretary for Natural Resources and Environment at the USDA.


USDA News Release No. 0148.09

Last Modified: 05/06/2009

WASHINGTON, May 5, 2009 - President Barack Obama today announced his intent to nominate Homer Lee Wilkes as Undersecretary for Natural Resources and Environment at the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Wilkes will serve with Secretary Tom Vilsack.

“For nearly thirty years, Homer has worked for the Natural Resources Conservation Service where he has been dedicated to conserving and improving the environment in multiple states,” said Vilsack. “It would be a privilege to have a public servant like Homer join the USDA leadership team to help carry out President Obama’s vision of protecting our natural assets.”

The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) is the primary federal agency that works with private landowners to help them conserve, maintain and improve their natural resources. The Agency emphasizes voluntary science-based conservation, technical assistance, partnerships, incentive-based programs, and cooperative problem solving at the community level.

Wilkes is a 28 year veteran of the NRCS, currently serving as State Conservationist in Mississippi where he administers the natural resources conservation program for the state. He has also served as a Budget Officer for NRCS in Amherst, Massachusetts, the Assistant Financial Manager and Fiscal Specialist for NRCS in Washington, and served as the Chief of Administrative Staff for the South Technical Center for NRCS in Fort Worth, Texas.

Wilkes received his Bachelors, Masters of Business Administration and Ph.D. in Urban Conservation Planning and Higher Education from Jackson State University.

Wilkes and his wife, Kim, have three sons - Justin, Austin, and Harrison. They presently reside in Madison, Mississippi, and are members of New Hope Baptist Church.

He enjoys fishing and family activities.

6 May 2009, 2:22pm
by bear bait

Here it is May 6th, and we now know federal forest policy will be directed by the man who is now the state director of Mississippi NRCS. Not a lawyer. Good point. Career bureaucrat.

So you have to wonder how many years it will take to bring him up to speed, or is that the plan… never have him get up to speed. No need. He will be a talking head for the people who finance the global warming hysteria. Oh, woe is me of no faith… and I have less now. There is never going to be a solution, just fire. So we damned well better get used to it. cough cough… weep weep… hack hack…

Stars? Sometimes in winter we see them… after the fires go out and a few good storms blow through. So where did all the mud come from??? Mississippi???



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