8 Mar 2009, 12:33pm
Climate and Weather
by admin

Global Cooling: the Video

On Feb. 6 I gave a talk entitled “Global Cooling” at the Oregon Language Center [here] in Albany. Russel Shaw of OLC videotaped my hour-long lecture and posted it in seven segments on YouTube.

Global Cooling Part 1 [here]

Global Cooling Part 2 [here]

Global Cooling Part 3 [here]

Global Cooling Part 4 [here]

Global Cooling Part 5 [here]

Global Cooling Part 6 [here]

Global Cooling Part 7 [here]

The theme of the talk was paleobotany and paleoclimatology over the last 400 million years. Lecture notes are [here].

The thesis presented is that we are today in a cooling phase and headed toward another Ice Age glaciation. The Holocene interglacial is nearly over.

For the last 1.8 million years the Earth has been in a deep freeze punctuated every 100,000 years by an interglacial warm period. The interglacials have appeared like clockwork and are correlated with periodic eccentricities in the Earth’s orbit known as Milankovitch Cycles.

The interglacial warm periods last about 10,000 years. The Holocene is roughly that old, and global temperatures are headed inexorably downward. Anthropogenic carbon dioxide does not seem to be having any significant effect on a process driven by cosmological rhythms.

If humanity could warm the planet, we should. Ice Age glaciations are devastating to most species. Giant ice sheets form in the arctic and spread south, burying the surface of the Northern Hemisphere in mile-thick glaciers as far south as the 45th Parallel. Katabatic winds coming off the ice sheets extend tundra conditions far south of that.

Before the Pleistocene the globe was much warmer. In fact, for the last 250 million years it has been many degrees warmer than now. Most plant and animal species evolved on a much warmer planet than today.

Global warming is not something to be feared. On the contrary, it is something much to be desired.

I spoke about all that and more. You can now watch and listen to my musings, if you can stay awake for the entire hour. Please enjoy, if only as a cure for insomnia.



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