14 Feb 2009, 2:46pm
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by admin

Why the blind faith in Al Gore?

by Roni Bell Sylvester, Good Neighbor Law, Feb 14, 2009 [here]

As Psychologist Stephen Greenspan (Annals of Gullibility) states so perfectly, “Intelligent people have long been ruined by frauds.”

In addition to Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi scheme, someone else is engaged in a dishonest fraud that, when exposed will make Bernie’s look like a pencil box thief. Yes. With his claims of, “man makes the globe warm and climate change, I’m suggesting Mr. Al Gore is engaged in a big O dishonest fraud.

Don’t you think Mr. Gore’s deception is generating damages heavy enough to crush what little economic stability we may have left?

Couldn’t his distortion of facts be construed as violation of truth in advertising?

How does he make his money? Does anyone know? Has anyone connected the dots?

Couldn’t one draw a parallel between what Al’s doing and what Bernie did?

As volunteer editor of Good Neighbor Law, I read countless examples of connections between Al’s actions and the un-necessary painful destruction of individual livelihoods.

If President Obama and the Democrat controlled house truly cared about us, they’d demand Al Gore publicly debate his positions before they make one more “climate change” policy.

They should force him to debate any one of the thousands of scientists whose carefully documented findings bear out - man does not manufacture our climate.

The difference between the Madoff and the Gore Ponzi schemes is - Al convinced our elected officials to bless him with a no-bid contract, then mandated that you pay for it!

Along with the thousands who got stung by Madoff, and those who know the difference between the size of the sun and the size of the earth, betcha Stephen Greenspan is also asking, “Why the blind faith in Al Gore?”

14 Feb 2009, 8:17pm
by Dash

Gores film An Inconvenient Truth is full of lies. Not exaggerations. Not errors.

Al Gore air brushed out the little ice age and the medieval warming periods from his graphs in AIT. We wouldn’t want people knowing that the earth was two degrees Celsius warmer than it is now during the medieval warming period. Somehow man survived without the use of central cooling. Gore left off the Little Ice Age because he wouldn’t want to demonstrate that the warming trend he talks about began at the end of an ice age.

He also stated that sea level would rise by 20 feet by the end of the century. Even the UN IPCC (hardly conservative on this issue) estimates only 4 to 36 inches.

Gore also suggested that the Aral Sea has dried up because of global warming. In actuality it has been drained for the irrigation of cotton crops.

Gore claims that for the first time ever, a significant number of polar bears had drowned. First of all, they can swim around fifty miles. Secondly, the researchers at one of America’s most respected think tanks, the Competitive Enterprise Institute, tracked down the study Gore quoted and found that only four polar bears had drowned during severe storm conditions.

Furthermore, he quotes a quickly debunked paper suggesting there is a 100% consensus among scientists that anthropogenic global warming is real. Here are a few scientists who must have missed the memo:


It is worth noting that a UK Court ruled that AIT contained many errors and should not be shown in public schools without a warning about the errors.


I find it interesting that Al Gore talks the talk, but doesn’t walk the walk. He jets around the world in his private plane. He rides around in gas guzzling limousines, and has a compound so wasteful of energy that it needs its own power grid. His houseboat more than likely isn’t that energy efficient either.

I suppose conserving energy and fighting global warming is for the little people. Let the peasants drive the small dangerous energy efficient cars, I’ll drive what I want.

Al Gore was worth about $2 Million Dollars when leaving office and is worth over $100 Million now. He’s laughing all the way to the global warming bank. It’s a pity some are too gullible to see it. As one of my favorite SNL characters might have said “global warming has been bery bery good to him.”

By the way, the flat earthers were the ones who refused to debate. “The debate is over, we have a consensus.” Sound familiar? If anyone is a flat earther, it’s Al Gore.

Everyone who has seen An Inconvenient Truth should view The Great Global Warming Swindle in order to get a more balanced view of the true state of the science on this issue. You may view it by visiting:


It is the first video listed.

Happy Viewing,



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