25 Jan 2009, 11:10am
Climate and Weather Saving Forests
by admin

Cosmological and Earthly Realities

The Earth has experienced ~20 major glaciations over the last 1.8 million years. They last about 100,000 years with 10,000 year-long interglacial warm periods such as our own Holocene. The glaciations appear like clockwork because they are cosmological (see Ice Ages — Solving the Mystery [here]).

The GW alarmists base their alarmism on artificial computer models that apparently predict the seas are going to boil due to anthropogenic CO2 [here].

The alarmist claims fly in the face of a repeating cosmological pattern. They predict the End of Creation despite geological evidence that Creation is more than a billion years old and has survived incredible extremes of heat, cold, CO2, oxygen, comets, asteroids, super volcanoes, drifting continents, etc.

At some point regular non-scientist people need to grasp onto reality. The seas are not going to boil. Another glaciation is coming. There can be no doubt, no uncertainty, because the pattern is written in the astronomical perturbations of the Earth orbiting the Sun.

Instead of freaking out about global warming, we should welcome it. We should be investigating ways in which we might forestall the coming new Ice Age. Of course, it may not be possible for humanity to mitigate cosmology. In fact, the proposition seems pretty farfetched. But it would behoove us to consider what we can do to adapt to the coming COLD rather than crippling our economy in a bizarre and useless attempt to prevent imaginary global warming.

Warmer Is Better. Warmer means longer growing seasons, more rain, more productivity, more biodiversity, and more Life in general. Colder means mile-thick ice sheets covering much of the Northern Hemisphere, katabatic winds, tundra, deserts, and the elimination of forests, farms, cities, nations, species, etc.

The GW alarmist mantra has proved to be a cash cow for “scientists”. Umpteen billions of dollars have been spent “researching” the alleged effects of global warming. All the institutional nabobs want in on that gravy train. But their ridiculous theories and secret computer models are crocks of baloney.

It’s political. The GW alarmist rap and vacuuming up of all research funding is promoted by partisan political manipulations that are rooted in Stalinist authoritarianism and unbridled greed for money and power.

The perversion of forest science in the name of scientifically bankrupt theories (that are bankrupt in every other way, too) is killing our forests. It’s not global warming that’s doing it; it is junk science that “justifies” catastrophic megafire and the conversion of heritage forests to charred wastelands of scorched earth.

Please wake up, people. You have been conned by the biggest con-job in history. More than your wallets have been looted. Our landscapes are being destroyed by frauds and greedheads who trumpet bogus theories for personal profit and political power.

We can and should be good stewards of our forests, watersheds, and landscapes. It could be that we have only a few hundred years to develop planetary defenses against the coming Big Freeze. We should care for Creation with real science, not the junk variety. It is imperative.

Warmer Is BetterFight The IceSave Our Forests



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