14 Oct 2008, 8:43am
The 2008 Fire Season
by admin

Let Them Eat Smoke

Last summer the LA LA Times ran an excruciatingly idiotic series about what a waste of money it is to fight forest fires. It was written by a prune-faced commie hack journalist whose only claim to fame is defamation, and I did not mention it here. Many people wanted me to, and there were some comments in reference, but I heaved it into the trash where it belonged.

Today, however, as fires rage through La La Land, the stinking memory of the LA LA Times trash article returns, and I wonder why in the world are we spending one dime on fighting fires there?

They don’t want it, they are opposed to firefighting elsewhere, they think firefighting (particularly with aircraft) is a huge waste of precious taxpayer dollars better spent bailing out Wall Street billionaires, so why fight fires at all in LA County?

Why not give them a taste of their own medicine?

You never know when some brave firefighter might lose his life or twist an ankle defending the home of a prune-faced commie hack journalist who is on record in emphatic opposition to firefighting. Why spend money trying to save buildings belonging to the LA Times? They are, after all, in the tree killing business, and it would be a boon to Nature globally if they went belly up.

Let them burn, baby, burn.

It might sear some sense into the survivors, if there are any.

14 Oct 2008, 6:42pm
by bear bait

Actually, the Times Mirror Publishing company was in Oregon in the tree killing business. Publishers Paper Company. A paper mill on the old Jacobs Woolen Mill site on the east bank of the Oregon City Falls, and another in Newberg. They had a big sawmill in Tillamook, cutting a lot of hemlock and sending hemlock chips to Oregon City to the pulp mill. They bought Cascadia Lumber’s mill in Toledo, and built a good mill at Liberal. I think they had a mill at Burney in Caleeefornneeea. Cut fir to make money and white woods to make newsprint. And then one day they decided to get out of the business. And were gone. Hampton owns and runs the Tillamook mill, RSG the Liberal mill, the Toledo mill was Wershow-Ashed, and I imagine Sierra Pacific somehow ended up with the Burney mill or it, too, was sold for scrap. Both pulp mills and the paper machines run today under different ownership. But the LA Times was a force in western Oregon timber and lumber all through the 60s and 70s.

The Santa Ana winds blow every year, and every winter the rains come to re-grow the grease wood scrub that fuels the fires. What was once a huge savannah maintained by Indians, and now dismissed by the swells in Missoula and other dens of academia, burns well and often. So don’t live there. Insurance companies should not write insurance for at risk homes. That ends their being there. But I imagine there is some anti red lining law that makes the insurance companies have to write the insurance, and they just put those homes in a bigger pool, and charge a whole lot of folks a whole lot more money to pay for the ones lost to fire. Bi’dness. It’s just Bi’dness. Sort of like income tax credits to people who don’t work enough to support themselves. File your taxes and the Feds send you someone else’s money. ‘Merica! Grate plaice to live. God bless the Congress.

Sympathy, Arnold, can be found in dictionaries under “S”, somewhere between sycophant and syphilis, and for free. All you have to do is look. Like, who gives a tinker’s damn if LA burns? Just rewards for piss poor public policy from Barbara Boxer and Diane Feinstein? Liberal rants against resource use and demands for Wilderness, and fire being a good thing, and black is beautiful, all come to fruition and what do we get? Whiners. A big bunch of whiners. “My house and life is gone. Woe is me.” Ya got what ya got because that is what ya wanted, dipwads. Live in the sunshine, don’t cut the brush, and just when you don’t want it, you get fire. Gee Whiz. Who’d a ever thunk it.???

15 Oct 2008, 1:37pm
by Tallac

You would think by now the folks in SoCal would get it, but apparently they don’t. Some opinion pieces and comments in the LAT about the latest fires blame global warming and living too close to a “natural event.” Much like they did earlier this Summer when uncontrolled fires devastated NorCal, and then suggested we pack-up and move to where it’s “safer.”

Where’s safer? Not LA with it’s fires, mudslides, earthquakes, gangs and riots, that’s for sure.

I believe most of them still have their crania firmly planted in their recti. I don’t wish their lives and homes to be destroyed as a wake-up call, but it looks like they will never understand and actually enjoy paying the price to live there, all the while dictating how and where I should live.

Call it what it is: Insanity.

15 Oct 2008, 2:40pm
by Mike


Which “natural event” do they live too close to? Northridge? Sepulveda?

What global warming? Global temps have been dropping since 2001. This year has been the coolest globally since the 1970’s. The PDO (Pacific Decadal Oscillation) has shifted and cold water is pooling in the eastern Pacific (i.e. off Venice Beach). So the Pacific Coast of N. America has been doubly cooled. The frost is on the global warming pumpkin!

It’s the FUELS you FOOLS. I know it’s dark where their heads are, but you’d think they would have figured out the basics by now.

The only hope of rational Californians is that the San Andreas Fault will tip SoCal seaward and drain all the morons into the ocean. Until then, the land of fruits and nuts will steadily become scorched earth.

15 Oct 2008, 2:49pm
by Mike

One bright note: during the last year’s fires and the Cedar Fire of 2003, San Diego County had one helicopter which couldn’t fly at night, and CalFire wouldn’t allow the Marines or Navy to help fight fires. Now SD Co. has two “super-scoopers,” 3 full-time fire choppers, and plenty of Marine and Navy copters which are all now allowed to fly together and at night.

Evidently the SD Co. Commissioners don’t read the La La Times or else discount its babble entirely.

18 Oct 2008, 9:04pm
by Forrest Grump

Prune faced commie hack?
So what else is new?

18 Oct 2008, 10:32pm
by Mike

The specter of evil promoted by the pseudo-intellectual poseurs of the American Left today is real and coming at us like a runaway freight train.

The time has come to confront the alarmists and provocateurs of destruction. It is not only forests they seek to destroy. Indeed, the destruction of forests is an afterthought. America, American freedoms, and American prosperity are their main targets.

Read Lord Monckton’s letter to McCain.

The dangers we face from unalloyed eco-terrorism will impact generations. This country and the world are in a bad place right now. Do not underestimate the pending catastrophe.



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