2 Oct 2008, 8:59am
Politics and politicians
by admin

Larded With Pork

The U.S. Senate voted 74-25 Wednesday to approve a 451 page bailout bill larded with pork. There are new taxes on everything under the sun, but especially there is to be new spending on every earmark pork barrel project imaginable.

The Senate has used this alleged “credit crisis” to extort buckets of money for their special interest bribery funding.

Now, say the Senators, everybody will be happy because the largest spending package in the history of the world is on the table. There are tax breaks for Hollywood movie producers, stock-car racetrack owners, bicycle commuters, wooden arrow makers, and the very rich who pay the alternative minimum tax. There are tax hikes for oil companies and off-shore drilling (still banned). Not to mention, there are still the $700 billion in bailouts to investment banks that gambled away America’s credit on 30:1 leveraged scams like Algore carbon offsets.

The House of Representatives will be pleased now. They can vote for this pork lard bonanza without qualms. The American economy will be rescued with pork.

The American taxpayer, however, will be shot in the head. The Big Extortion is happening, and the Public Treasury will be drained one way or another. The Fear Factor has been ramped up to the highest extent possible. Bow down to the porkiest pork ever to sleaze out of Porktown, or the Gummit will screw the economy to the wall. Knuckle under, or you will be ejected from house and home and forced to live in re-education camps run by Obombo’s domestic military police (oh wait, that’s going to happen anyway.)

Oh and yes, be sure to re-elect your incumbents who are holding the gun to your head. Might as well help them pull the trigger.

2 Oct 2008, 8:51pm
by Mike

Sneaky: Current credit bailout bill contains carbon tax provisions!

Watts Up With That, Oct. 2, 2008 [here]

If you look at page 180 of the 451-page monster bailout bill that easily passed the Senate yesterday (PDF here), you will see that it includes at Section 116 language about the tax treatment of “industrial source carbon dioxide.” It also provides, at Section 117, for a “carbon audit of the tax code.”

What could a provision about the tax treatment of “industrial source carbon dioxide” and another provision about doing a “carbon audit” of the tax code possibly have to do with restoring confidence in Wall Street’s troubled credit and banking markets?

The answer: NOTHING.

This appears to be an attempt by global warming alarmists to lay the foundation for a carbon tax in the middle of another crisis, hoping nobody will notice. … [more]



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