26 Sep 2008, 10:19am
Politics and politicians
by admin

No to the Bailout

The proposed $700 billion bailout of NYC investment bankers is the largest graft event in world history. It must be stopped. Please email your Congressional delegation today.

Tell them that if they vote for mega-graft, you will not vote for them.

This country and our economy will be fine. There is no reason to tax every man, woman, and child $3000+ to give to crooks and politicians.

How does this deal affect forests? Please recall that Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson is the former president of the Nature Conservancy, a multi-billion dollar multinational real estate corporation whose stock-in-trade is gobbling up private property at a discount and reselling it at a premium to the government.

That is exactly the program offered by Paulson today, with the usual 25% “finders fee” attached. At least $200 billion of the “bailout” will go directly into the pockets of fats cats who are already millionaires and whose ill-gotten gain came from gaming the system.

Paulson, Obama, Frank, Reid, Pelosi, et al have become wealthy not from hard work but from payoffs. The slush fund they wish to create will rob from poor and give to the rich.

Our public forests and private homes are the resource bases that are the real equity of this nation. The grafters wish to destroy that equity and have been destroying it at an alarming pace. That catastrophic destruction must be halted or the wealth of the USA will be dissipated and transferred into the hands of traitors.

Email and/or call everyone you can think of. Stop the graft, stop the corruption, stop the bailout of billionaires. Do it today!!!

27 Sep 2008, 5:53am
by Mary M.

Nothing is more important than this right now. Call/fax your senators and representatives in opposition to this greed fueled, opaque and complete open-ended control of our economic welfare. This bailout will insure that the corrupt monsters at the top of the greed trough, who are raiding the people’s retirement and other funds, get free reign to take it all. Their scare tactics reveal consequences which will be worse if this passes.

If these manipulators can manage to dump enough of their debt on the American people at an open-ended inestimable economy/dollar crushing cost ‘we the peoples’ forests, waters and other resources are at imminent risk as collateral.

Call everyday to stop this. You can reach your congress people at this switchboard (202)224-2131.
Call now.
No bailout.



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