12 Mar 2008, 9:55am
Climate and Weather
by admin

The Pro-Human Faction

[Note: I wrote the following comment in response to another comment at W.I.S.E. Forest and Fire News, but am so enamored of my own writing that I am placing it here as a post.]

Re the “alarmist” appellation [as in Global Warming Alarmist]: the climate debate was declared over by political types. Those who disagree with the UN [IPCC] conclusions were (are) labeled “deniers” in reference to Holocaust deniers. Vast Draconian “solutions” have been subsequently adopted worldwide, with more to come.

Yet the debate is not over. Numerous scientists, including over 100 top experts who attended the NY Climate Conference, make the claim that recent global warming is minor, natural (not human caused), largely over, and a good thing (warmer is better).

Those points of view are roundly excoriated by the worldwide Media. Those of us who hold those views feel very marginalized and deeply insulted by the alarmists’ lack of open mindedness. Friends of mine have lost their jobs for holding “contrarian views” on this issue, by purely political witch-hunting.

The “solutions” offered have driven up the prices of energy and food. Great suffering has resulted in the poorer countries of the world. None of the “solutions” will affect the Earth’s temperature one iota, but the suffering is now and it is real.

Those who would starve the poor are indeed heartless. Those who would impose a new world order regardless of the pain they inflict are indeed authoritarian and totalitarian. Megalomania has not miraculously disappeared. It is alive and expanding on this planet.

It is a common thing to blame one’s fellow man for “problems” real and imaginary. That is the thread that has run through totalitarian movements throughout history, with horrendous repercussions. Blame Humanity is popular these days, just as it was in fascist dictatorships prior to World War II. “Too many people” is an old and deeply corrupt philosophy!

The corollaries to that philosophy are profoundly anti-human, racist, and evil. It the philosophy that created Auschwitz.

Some of us believe that people are good, and that everyone deserves a decent chance at life free of disease, starvation, war, slavery, poverty, and sundry other inflicted agonies. I believe in people. I do not hate the human race. I do not blame overpopulation for the world’s miseries. Population growth has stopped in most advanced countries anyway. Wealth brings family stability. Wealth creation and distribution are better solutions than genocide.

As to deforestation, it seems to have been forgotten that humanity has been widespread since the beginning of the Holocene, and that people everywhere have been impacting their landscapes with anthropogenic fire for millennia. Much of what is considered an ancient, untouched wilderness in Amazonia has in fact been home to people who have been profoundly altering it for ten thousand years. Ditto every continent (save Antarctica), except for much longer.

Modern deforestation is quite benign these days, compared to the past. In fact, the absence of human tending has given rise to terrible fire hazards in North and South America, Africa, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Modern urbanites who fail to understand the past often expect and demand “wildlands” and “abandonment to nature” in places where humanity has been tending the land for uncounted generations. Modern day megafires are the all too common result of dehumanization.

[There is a political movement that seeks to expand the size and frequency of megafires by reducing initial attack and fire suppression techniques, such as the use of fire retardant. That movement invariably calls catastrophic fires "natural." Yet in every case the fire history is anthropogenic; that is, a human-induced fire regime. History teaches us that human beings have been living across the globe, including here, for thousands of years. To deny that fire regimes are historically anthropogenic is to deny the existence and humanity of the First People. That denial is scientifically false, RACIST, and profoundly anti-human.]

People belong in nature, upon the landscape, in the forests, in the bush, and everywhere. We are the Caretakers. Suffering and disaster result when we abandon our birthright and birth-responsibilities.

If there is to be a worldwide movement to Save the Planet, the guiding philosophy should be that humans are good, humans are beneficial to the planet, humans function best with guaranteed and protected human rights, and that human stewardship is desirable in all landscapes.

That is a pro-human agenda. It is diametrically opposed the anti-human agenda, which holds that humans are bad, are destroying the planet, need to have our human rights taken away, and that the absence of human stewardship is most desirable.

So you see, the words of Vaclav Klaus resonate with pro-human adherents. He is speaking our truths.

From my perspective, it appears we pro-human folks are a tiny minority. There is no seat at the Big Table for us. The debate about “sustainability” and the 2012 Climate Change Agreement has excluded the pro-human faction, and excluded compassion as well as rationality. Whatever “agreements” are agreed upon by “world leaders” and the “authorities,” they will exclude the most negatively impacted souls. You can be sure of that.

And you can be sure that freedom will not die, despite the ever-present, ever-growing specter of authoritarianism and totalitarianism. That darkness will not kill the human heart, though it may very well kill hundreds of millions, perhaps billions of innocent people. That is, if history is to be repeated, and it seems that it often is.



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