6 Mar 2008, 11:05pm
Climate and Weather
by admin

It Is Not About Climatology — It Is About Freedom

by the President of the Czech Republic, Vaclav Klaus

From his address to the 2008 International Conference on Climate Change, March 4, 2008

What I see in Europe (and the U.S. and other countries as well) is a powerful combination of irresponsibility, of wishful thinking, of implicit believing in some form of Mathusianism, of a cynical approach of those who themselves are sufficiently well off, together with the strong possibility of changing the economic nature of things through a radical political project.

As a politician who personally experienced communist central planning of all kinds of human activities, I feel obliged to bring back the already forgotten arguments used in the famous plan versus market debate in the 1930s in economic theory (between Mises and Hasyek on the one side and Lange and Lerner on the other), the arguments we have been using for decades - till the moment of the fall of communism. Then they were quickly forgotten. The innocence with which the climate alarmists and their fellow travelers in politics and media now present and justify their ambitions to mastermind human society belongs to the same “fatal conceit.” To my great despair, this is not sufficiently challenged neither in the field of social sciences, nor in the field of climatology. Especially the social sciences are suspiciously silent.

We have to restart the discussion about the very nature of government and about the relationship between the individual and society. Now it concerns the whole mankind, not just the citizens of one particular country. To discuss this means to look at the canonically structured theoretical discussion about socialism (or communism) and to learn an uncompromising lesson from the inevitable collapse of communism 18 years ago. It is not about climatology. It is about freedom. This should be the main message of our conference.

These extracts were posted by Joseph D’Aleo, CCM at ICECAP [here]

SOS Forests will post the full text when it becomes available (soon). For more reports regarding the 2008 International Conference on Climate Change, see Forest, Fire, and Wildlife News [here]

8 Mar 2008, 6:09am
by Mike

A video of Czech President Václav Klaus’s speech to the Climate Conference is on YouTube here:


12 Mar 2008, 1:44pm
by Joe B.

You can’t feed a line of bull to people who have lived under the thumb of totalitarianism. People who are fat on freedom, and who have forgotten how to succeed, well that’s another thing altogether. They generally seek elixirs and the elixir for global warming/climate change is less freedom because obviously we can’t handle the responsibility of a free will, which God injected into every man’s soul and it cannot be contained.



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