3 Mar 2008, 11:45pm
Saving Forests
by admin

The Ironic Warm Fire Recovery Project DEIS

The Warm Fire Recovery Project Draft Environmental Impact Statement notification letter came in the mail today. The Warm Fire (2006) was a whoofoo (Wildland Use Fire) that blew up and burned 60,000 acres of the Kaibab NF, two-thirds of which were old-growth ponderosa pine. You can read about it [here].

The DEIS lists three different “action alternatives” for recovering economic value from the burned timber, reforesting burned conifer stands, and breaking up the fuel continuity in the burned areas. The goal is to “move” the incinerated stands toward the “desired future condition.”

The EPA will soon publish a Notice of Availability (NOA) for the DEIS in the Federal Register. All comments must be received within 45 days of the NOA. Only those persons providing timely comments to the Kaibab NF Supervisor’s Office will have eligibility to appeal the subsequent decision under 36 CFR 215.

No doubt, whatever alternative is chosen, there will be a lawsuit filed.

The irony is that the whoofoo that destroyed the Kaibab NF was planned and carried out with absolutely no EIS, no action alternatives, no public comment, and no NEPA process at all. Destroying the forest, burning it to a crisp, was done with no legal guidance or authority required.

Fixing the mess afterwards does require all those things, and none of the proposed action alternatives will ever occur because “environmental” organizations will sue, and sue, and sue, and sue.

Not a single damn eco-litigious group had the slightest problem with burning the forest down. None of them have sued to prevent a forest fire, ever. Whoofoos are hunky-dory with that crowd. No NEPA process for incineration? They couldn’t care less.

The whoofoo program is still in place. Over 85 percent of the Kaibab NF is slated for whoofoos, and over 100 million acres nationwide. Not one acre of the designated whoofoo ground has elicited a single NEPA lawsuit.

Once the USFS burns those acres to ashes, and afterwards proposes to clean up the mess they have made, then it’s Katy bar the door, here come the lawsuits.

The Kaibab Forest was in the desired future condition before they burned it up. Now they propose planting seedlings in the hopes that old-growth will arise in 200 years or so. Good luck with that!

Is irony the right word? It’s a very Post Modern word. All is irony in PoMo World. There are other words, like deliberate forest destruction, that seem to fit but elicit frowns. Don’t say that, Mike. And don’t call the USFS and the eco-nazis arsonistic. Very mean spirited of you.

Let’s just leave it at ironic. Take an priceless, heritage forest and burn it to tick brush, on purpose, without hearing number one, and then leave it to rot by order of the federal judiciary. That’s irony for you.

Already the eco-nazis are staging ironic demonstrations. There will be ironic lawsuits. Ironic anger at the ironic USFS is ironically arising among the irony-rich PoMo “environmentalists.” Already ironic employees of the ironic Grand Canyon NP next door are calling for ironic monkey wrenching by the ironic Earth First! against any ironic forest recovery their ironic sister agency might attempt.

Maybe tragic is a better word, or exceedingly destructive, or plain stupid, or evil to the bone. But let’s not go there. Let’s stick with irony. We can all laugh at irony. Oh well. Whatever. Ha ha. That’s irony for you. That’s irony enough for all of us. No shortage of irony these days!

4 Mar 2008, 8:12pm
by Joe B.

I find it ironic that some people who would never associate themselves with any of these eco nazis don’t have a problem at all with the continued destruction of our national forests, and I find it doubly ironic that the people who despise eco-nazis and rightly so, also accept parts of the eco-nazi argument (don’t live within 30 miles of a National Forest or your house should burn down) and they use these stupidisms to argue against pressuring for policy change at the Forest Service.

I also find it ironic that I created a word and it was stupidisms. Now that’s irony for you

4 Mar 2008, 10:09pm
by Mike

How’s this for ironic? The eco-nazis are now calling for “free roaming fire.” !!!???!

Sort of like “free range chickens” except the former will incinerate your landscape and foul your creek, whereas the latter will fowl your landscape and crow you awake.

4 Mar 2008, 10:18pm
by Mike

Now that’s HUMOR, Grumpster!!!!

Ironic, isn’t it?

5 Mar 2008, 8:58pm
by bear bait

Woofoo is to forest management what dysentary is to dieting.



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