3 Mar 2008, 8:36am
Saving Forests
by admin

Eco-Terrorists in Our Midst

The American domestic eco-terrorist network is alive and well, and they present a greater danger to this country than Al-Qaida. Eco-fascism imperils the U.S. vastly more than Islamo-fascism, illegal immigration, and “climate change” combined.

Make no mistake about it. The Far Left espouses an eco-theology more fanatical than any major religion, including Islam. Theirs is not a humanist religion either, but one in which the entire human race is seen as evil and deserving of destruction. Eco-terrorists are not tree-hugging nature lovers despite what their propaganda cloak implies; they seek destruction of nature as well as civilization.

Eco-terrorist organizations in the U.S. today include Earthjustice, Defenders of Wildlife, Natural Resources Defense Council, Sierra Club, Center for Biological Diversity, the Humane Society of the United States, Oregon Wild, Cascadia Wildlands Project, Earth Liberation Front, Animal Liberation Front, Audubon Society, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, and hundreds of others. The largest of these are the big, international NGO’s: the Nature Conservancy, the Wilderness Society, Conservation International, the World Wildlife Fund, the Wildlife Conservation Society, and others.

These eco-terrorist organizations are well-funded by large globalist foundations motivated by power, greed, and an endless lust for more. Large capitalist foundations such as the Rockefeller Fund, Pew Trusts, Packard Foundation, and the Ford Foundation that fund eco-terrorism are not acting out of guilt or shame for amassing obscene fortunes; on the contrary they are acting to expand their profits and control over the wealth of the world.

It is global warming alarmism that has quadrupled the price of oil in the last five years, not global warming skepticism. When millions of acres of U.S. public forests burn to the ground every year, globalist multinational timber interests benefit.

Restricting the supply of timber, minerals, food, and fiber drives up the prices of basic commodities and penalizes working class people, rural and urban alike. The price of fundamental staples like wheat, corn, and rice have skyrocketed in recent years as globalist monopolies manipulate markets worldwide.

Starvation and disease claim tens of millions of human lives every year. Few understand that the suffering is inflicted, not accidental.

Eco-terrorism is more than acts of arson and sabotage, the burning of schools and disabling of machines. The goals of the eco-terrorist organizations are to burn entire landscapes covering thousands of square miles, to drive humanity off 95 percent of the Earth’s terrestrial surface, to concentrate humanity in dense and squalid metropoli, and to claim the bulk of the landscape for their own private pleasuring grounds.

Governments large and small are in their grip and serve the interests of the eco-terrorists rather than the citizenry. Big government grows increasingly bigger and more oppressive by taking more and more land for “nature preserves” even though our government already owns nearly half the nation. Those “preserves” are then incinerated in megafires by design and stocked with wolves and other killer predators, all for the express purpose of driving human beings off the land.

No one is safe from the onslaught, including Native Americans on established reservations. Indigenous peoples have been cruelly slaughtered by guns and germs for centuries and driven onto tiny remnants of their former estates. Yet even those remnant lands, often the poorest in resources, are targeted by eco-terrorists for takeover.

Ignorant though perhaps well-meaning citizens serve the corporate eco-terrorists. Youth are particularly susceptible to eco-fascist propaganda, and a hypnotized populace seems blind to the corruption of our children by the pied pipers of eco-terrorism. Public schools are the primary recruiting centers for the new soldiers of the armies of darkness.

We are inundated by mass-marketed hoaxes such as global warming, endangered species, the dangers of DDT, the need to reintroduce fire, etc. etc. The message pounded every day is that humans are bad and must be enslaved, that human rights are subservient to animal rights, that human babies are evil and should be killed, that human freedom is toxic and must be eliminated.

Eco-terrorism is alive and well, but human rights are not. It is not a game; it is a war, a world war that began nearly a hundred years ago and has never ended. We have not seen the last battle or the last atrocity. Far from it. Eco-terrorists wage the war against you and me every day.

Our only weapon of self-defense is the truth and our willingness and capacity to give voice to it. Stand up and speak out; your life and the lives of those you love depend on it.

3 Mar 2008, 1:15pm
by Mike

Here’s a pic of self-avowed Marxist and anti-forest personage Andy Kerr on Sen. Gordon Smith’s (R-OR)website.


Just in case you were wondering who has the ear of our Congressional team.

PS I sure don’t.

PPS Have their ear or wonder who does.

3 Mar 2008, 7:20pm
by Tallac

I await the Jury deliberation with regards to Briana Waters.

She may soon join her friends:

Stanislas Gregory Meyerhoff—-13 years
Kevin Tubbs——————-12 years, 7 months
Chelsea Dawn Gerlach————9 years
Darren Todd Thurston————3 years, 1 month
Suzanne Nicole Savoie———-4 years, 3 months
Sarah Kendall Tankersley———3 years, 10 months
Joyanna Lynn Zacher————-7 years, 8 months
Nathan Fraser Block————-7 years, 8 months
Daniel Gerard Mc Gowan———-7 years
Jonathan Paul——————-4 years, 3 months

Some more (old) info at:


With this latest “Showcase” arson, it looks like some of “The Family” is still around and free to wreak destruction on public and private property.

They too will be captured, tried, and joining their comrades behind bars where they belong.

I’m patient, and hope those that support these criminals will finally catch a clue.

3 Mar 2008, 10:38pm
by Mike

Remarkably short sentences considering that arson used to be a capital offense. I feel especially sorry for the young women who were led astray by the men. Maybe that’s sexist of me, but I’d rather be sexist than an arsonist.

If you google these names you might come across their support sites. Disgusting, and not supportive in the way they really need it.

4 Mar 2008, 3:08am
by Tallac

Unfortunately, they received short sentences because their “non-violent protest” didn’t involve injury or death. Should have been 35 years each.

It’s only a $20,000,000+ ski lodge here, a $7,000,000+ tree research facility there, dozens of vehicles everywhere, and now alleged a few large, but much more efficient homes. What’s next?

Yes, we all know who their supporters and enablers are. Some are the elites perched in their mansions, others the impoverished with internet access, telling us what size home we should be living in and what we should do to prevent destruction of the planet.

Others are your typical anarchists just creating chaos.

All seriously flawed and deficient in the brain cell department, and/or following a misguided agenda that will lead to their own ruin and hypocrisies revealed. Not to mention a laughing stock when this history is reviewed by sane future generations.

Hey ELF, ALF, WWF, U.N., PETA, Sierra Club, Al Gore, etc.,


[Sorry for the rant Mike. I'm just pissed because I have designed and assisted in the construction of LEED/SEED homes (certified more efficient use of natural resources) and really sorry to see some of them get smoked as happened in Woodinville by alleged eco-terrorists yesterday. The world is upside down.]

4 Mar 2008, 8:34am
by admin

Exactly how I feel.

I know some of those ilk from way back. I know what kind of people send letter bombs and throw milk jugs full of gasoline into school buildings. The Missoulian calls them “watchdogs.” More like rabid dogs.

This isn’t 1930’s South America. Setting buildings on fire to up the revolution in North America today is so gauche, so pathetic, so puerile. Little Che wannabes. Too young for Vietnam. Never got to see real war up close and personal; the gore, the screams, the stench, the horror. Too spoiled for Iraq. Don’t have the guts to go house-to-house looking for bomb-wielding fanatical terrorists.

Ah me. The TV Generation. Living in an ersatz dream world. Save the chickens!

It’s reality check time for the entire country. Burning down homes, schools, forests, etc. in the name of Stalinist grey-topia is forking nuts. Do you hate the government? Then stop electing Communists. Simple as that. Do you hate the human race? Then go jump off a cliff. Do it today.



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