18 Feb 2008, 9:06pm
Saving Forests
by admin

Ignorance, Fear, and Hatred

Gregory asks: “Why do some people wish to shut down the U.S. economy (indeed the world economy) to ’save’ a species that is not endangered from ‘climate change’ that isn’t happening?”

This is an excellent and important question.

Why do some people wish to burn our heritage forests in megafires, and hope those fires spread to private land where the residents can be burned out, too?

Why do some people wish to inflict killer wolf-dogs on innocent human victims?

Why do some people hate any sign of humanity and wish to cleanse the planet of all their fellow humans?

I think the answer has something to do with general ignorance, fear, and hatred; deep-seated, innately human ignorance, fear, and hatred.

Hitler didn’t put millions of people to death in gas chambers by himself. He had to have help. Ditto Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Idi Amin, Ghengis Kahn, Julius Caesar, and all the murderous tyrants of history. They all needed some help, mainly a host of ignorant, fearful, hate-filled minions to carry out their slaughters.

Those tyrants may be dead, but inhumanity is alive and well.

The lessons of the 20th Century were not learned. As a few friends have pointed out to me in just the last week, philosopher Emmanuel Kant said, “We learn from history that we don’t learn from history.”

Jesus said, “Love thy neighbor,” and he was put to death for it.

Revolutions happen. We haven’t seen the last. When the power elite get entrenched, they spread ignorance, fear, and hatred to maintain their power. Eventually the suffering reaches a breaking point, and then the oppressed rise up and slay their oppressors. That’s another lesson of history we have forgotten.

The Big Idea of the United States at founding was to find another path of governance, to forestall a power elite from building up to the point that revolution becomes necessary.

It sure looks like that didn’t work. It sure looks like the power elite have become utterly corrupt and oppressive. It sure looks like ignorance, fear, and hatred have conquered once again.

One hopes that our modern, enlightened, educated, historically aware society would have some sort of immunity, and that our wise leaders would see the writing on the wall and make amends before the breaking point is reached. But when Legislative, Judicial, and Executive branches of government all agree that oppressing the citizenry with megafires, killer wolves, and economic ruin is the way to go, then it sure appears that the madness of ignorance, fear, and hatred has risen once again.

That’s my analysis. I welcome a different one that explains things better. I would like to be wrong. I don’t think I am, but I wish I was.

19 Feb 2008, 11:41am
by Forrest Grump

All one has to do is hate people more than love anything else. Works well for the Greens, eh?

19 Feb 2008, 1:25pm
by Mike

It is far more widespread and insidious than just the Greens. Look at the big push for Open Space. That’s property sans human beings. Look at Wilderness.

The basis of the ESA, NEPA, and the other laws that date from the 1970’s are that human beings are bad.

The language in those laws is right out of The Population Bomb. Humans bad, nature good. Get rid of the humans. Hitler would be proud.

And it’s worthwhile to note that whole Hate the Human Race thing is Euro, especially Northern Euro. Open Space, Wilderness, et al. are the direct descendants of Nazism. Those ideas are based in white racism.

You don’t see the Black Congressional Caucus calling for a 40 million acre expansion of Wilderness Areas. It’s not an Asian or Hispanic thing. Pure WASP.

Hate the Human Race is widespread and insidious. Pagan, not Christian. Teutonic. Evil beyond evil. It’s a hard thing for most people to see, because it is so ingrained in our culture. But it’s there.

19 Feb 2008, 1:58pm
by Bob Z.


Thanks for keeping this debate where it rightfully belongs. “Wilderness” has become such a popular (at least among White elitists) concept that it is very difficult for our current crop of politicians and forest “scientists” to see or understand its basic racist and sociopathic underpinnings. The publicly-financed agenda-based “research” and “education” that flow from this ignorance and misunderstanding are costing our nation billions of dollars in unnecessary annual expenses, and trillions of dollars of annual losses.

Such are the hidden costs to a racist society. Maybe we can get some Mexican braceros to help clean up the mess that white Americans are making and apparently are incapable of fixing.

20 Feb 2008, 4:03pm
by bear bait

So the joke in all this is that demographics will do what legislation cannot. White folks, with some religious minority exceptions, don’t have babies enough today to maintain their population. White Europe is one or two generations from being extinct. Same with Russia; 85% of pregnancies there end in abortion. So Khalid and Sophia will be doing all the populating a couple of generations down the road. That major religion, lslam, still finds time to put out babies like chocolates on the Lucille Ball assembly line. They will win by out-breeding the “civilized” world. I read where Mohammed is the most popular boy’s name on birth certificates in 5 Western European countries, including England.

Enviro-fascists are in control here, and it is telling. Most of Oregon does not yet know that all those wind turbines with the tax credits, subsidies from Oregon taxpayers, have sold their power to California. Yep, none of it is staying in State. Add to that the pickup I drive got 15 mpg on 87 octane regular and now gets 12 on “E10″ ethanol added fuel, which is now costing us more than pure gasoline used to. Do I just take it in the shorts or do I bitch like crazy to my elected representation? Will they listen?

I heard that the total CO2 output from autos in the US is one percent of what the airline industry outputs are. Make me feel good? No. If we all walked or rode bikes, but took the plane to see Grandma in Biloxi, we would cut CO2 by less than one percent. Lovely deal. Just lovely.

I just LOVE being a victim in the apartheid of fossil fuel use. I just LOVE being the defendant in the new Star Chambers of the Green Inquisition. I just LOVE being swept up in the legislative lemming migration to oblivion.

I hate meth heads just because they steal, wreck, and ruin to get $20 to get high for a little while. Hate them. Steal a piece of art, a sculpture, hack it into pieces, and sell it to Schnitzers or Zeidel or some other scrap maven, and the scrappers laugh all the way to Tel Aviv for the holidays. So how is our elected Congress any different? They sell us out on forests for a few thousand green backs from their Green Backers, and it costs the taxpaying public Billions of dollars. Or defense, health care, what have you. For a few thousand campaign dollars, your congressman will sell you down the road and cost your state billions, and not think they and a meth head are walking the streets hand in hand. Just think of a DeFazio or a Wu in a hot pink satin short shorts, a tank top, bright red lipstick, and big ole wedgie high heels, campaigning for your dollars and vote, holding the hand of some toothless scab faced dude waiting for a cot and a hot at the mission. Street walkers for government. You can drag them in an alley have them do stuff you wouldn’t want Mommy to know about, for a few campaign bucks, and tomorrow they are just little princesses again… and they will do it to us time and again. Are doing it to us. And plan to do it to us again tomorrow.

20 Feb 2008, 4:53pm
by Mike

For more on wind turbine power headed south, see the Rogue Pundit:


Exporting More Energy to California

One of several things that bothers folks fighting the proposed liquefied natural gas plants in Oregon is that most of the gas would be used in California. I’d wager the following won’t generate the same complaints.

A wind farm planned for the rural Oregon community of Arlington will send all of its power to Los Angeles.

PPM Energy, a Portland-based renewable energy business originally formed as a subsidiary of PacifiCorp, said it has sold all of the output of the 99-megawatt Pebble Springs Wind Power Project to a partnership that includes the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power as well as the cities of Burbank and Glendale.

26 Feb 2008, 10:11am
by Joe B.

The biggest problem with the greens is simple. You need to separate the ones who actually have a point and will entertain every side of an issue with you cordially from the ones who will stop at nothing to discredit you if you stray from their script one iota. Or one Iokoka as a relative of mine used to say.

Some people squarely in the green camp are not people-hating dimwits. Sadly these people rarely are in charge of the dimwitted organizations that have every ear in the media.

The problematic greens, and there are many either ignorant of what they are saying or completely convinced that man should commit suicide, have a common trait. The problematic greens all feel their message must come across as fingernails scratching a blackboard. Otherwise they feel they have been marginalized.

The problematic greens probably all suffered from poor parenting, in that they weren’t properly smacked down at the first signs of their mental disorder.

We really should have seen it coming, but we didn’t and now we have to live with them. We don’t have an inhumane solution to their very real nuisance because we are the live-and-let-live people and we generally treat people in the manner we wish to be treated until it’s time for fists. Fortunately, it’s rare for the greens to own firearms, thereby making their primary weapon of choice the unsolicited press release and subsequent lobotomizing letters and comments about how stupid people are.

Again, though I digress (just trying to make up for lost time).

26 Feb 2008, 11:24am
by Mike

Joe — I completely agree. Live and let live, and show some compassion for deluded and misled dimwits.

Despite that, I all too often slip into a reactionary mode and fire back with both barrels. I justify it as “tough love” but love is not really what I am feeling deep down.

If the dimwits would stop incinerating my forests, then I could sit down with them and have a nice chat. Do some educating. But as long as their policies are to destroy what I treasure, then the game is on and it’s no holds barred.



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