8 Apr 2010, 4:27pm
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Arctic Sea Ice Increasing

Arctic Sea Ice Reports: who to believe?

Watts Up With That, April 8, 2010 [here]

… NSIDC seems to confirms the WUWT 12 Month Ice Forecast. Twelve months ago, WUWT forecast that 3 year old ice would increase during the next year, and explained why. NSIDC confirmed the accuracy of the forecast with their most recent Sea Ice News.

Note that 3+ (>2) year old ice has increased from 10% to about 14% during the past year, shown with the two black horizontal lines near the bottom. That shows an impressive growth of 40% relative to last year.

Ice older than one year has also increased by a substantial amount over 2008 and 2009. The implication being that ice thickness has been increasing for the last two years. Older ice is thicker ice.

So we will leave it up to the readers to do the math. Thickness has increased. Area has increased. What does that tell us about volume? What does that tell us about the “Arctic Death Spiral“?

Don’t be fooled though. “Decreasing ice is climate. Increasing ice is weather.” … [more]



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