26 Mar 2010, 1:41pm
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DWP plans 37% rate hike over four years to cover cost increases

The L.A. utility’s managers unveiled the plan as the council’s Energy and Environment Committee debated the mayor’s proposal to boost rates to pay for renewable energy.

By David Zahniser, LA Times, March 26, 2010 [here]

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power is planning to boost the electricity bills of its customers by 37% over the next four years as part of its effort to cover steadily rising costs.

Officials with the city utility divulged their plans Thursday as the City Council’s Energy and Environment Committee debated Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa’s plan for boosting rates to help pay for renewable energy. Villaraigosa is seeking a 21% increase over the next year. That effort will be followed by other rate hikes by 2014, however. …

Thursday’s meeting took place an hour after former Vice President Al Gore appeared with Villaraigosa via satellite in support of the mayor’s plan, which would help the mayor meet his goal of ensuring that the DWP secures at least 20% of its energy from renewable sources by Dec. 31.

Villaraigosa has warned that the DWP would renege on a promise to have the utility send $73 million to the city’s troubled general fund, which pays for basic services, if the first increase is not approved by March 31. That money is enough to pay for 1,000 jobs in a year when the city is pondering layoffs.

Council members chastised the mayor for saying in a 14-page briefing paper that a rejection of the rate hike would force the city into bankruptcy since the utility would no longer be able to afford to make the general fund contribution. On Thursday, Villaraigosa disavowed use of the word “bankruptcy” yet continued to warn that unless his plan is approved, the city would run out of money by June 30. … [more]

Note: “Green” energy is a monumental swindle. The purpose of the rate hikes is to fund the insatiable bureaucracy, not to provide “renewable” energy.



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