25 Mar 2010, 10:52am
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Did Obama Bribe California Reps with Water for Health Care Votes?

By Lonely Conservative, March 17, 2010 [here]

It sure sounds that way. What a vile human being.

Water in California’s San Joaquin Valley was essentially turned off because the Obama administration values smelt over people. It’s been devastating to the economy. But now it looks like they value destroying freedom more than they value the smelt. …

Who’s to say the Obama folks won’t shut the water off again once ObamaCare passes?

Comment: bear bait says:

March 25, 2010 at 12:19 pm

What really happened is the Oregon farmers are getting their water from Klamath river tributaries cut and the largest tributary, the Trinity River, will continue to provide at least 2,500,000 acre feet to the souther SJ Valley, and more if they can steal it. In Oregon, cutting water got Democrat votes, and in California, allowing diversion of water that sorely impacts ESA listed species is increased. The loser is Chinook salmon, more so than Delta smelt, and that loss extends clear to the Columbia River because both Sac-SJ salmon are caught in the ocean off Oregon as are Klamath River and Trinity River stocks, both included in the Klamath River restoration plans. Egregious misuse of water for political purposes to buy votes is just what we expect from the slime bag of spent calamari named Pelosi… She who has denied wage protections for Marshall Islanders who man her husband’s tuna canneries, is hard at the extinction of salmon and all the species dependent upon a healthy SF Bay, and the estuarial plume from runoff to the ocean. Just another San Francisco madame, pimping for the President. And the ESA be damned!!!



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