9 Feb 2010, 10:02pm
by admin

New name quells opposition - NAIS not dead

By Shirley Knot (Julie Kay Smithson), Property Rights Research, February 9, 2010 [here]

Apparently, the answer is still yes. Is a sucker really born every minute? It would seem that that could also be answered in the affirmative.

A “New Framework”

Most of those opposed to the “National Animal Identification System,” or “NAIS,” seem to have swallowed the thickly baited hook cast upon the opposition waters on February 5, 2010, as “USDA Announces New Framework for Animal Disease Traceability” [here]

When I read that, I do not get the feeling that “NAIS” is dead. Au contraire! “NAIS” is very much alive, locked and loaded in the belly of the Trojan horse named Language Deception.

In my work, I deal with definitions every day, at least hourly. Due to my unquenchable thirst for knowledge and “what things mean,” the past decade has been a real learning experience. One of the first lessons learned was that government and other organizations with surreptitious strategic plans, have well-trained individuals in their employ that are masters at the Etch-A-Sketch of language deception.

When one word or phrase in a plan becomes a “hot potato,” it’s no problem. The LDEs (language deception experts) simply invent another. The requirements are few, but important: the word/phrase must be something that most people trust, something that elicits an emotional ‘tic’ and/or an intellectual paralysis, i.e., no Red Flag generation when the public reads or hears it. … [more]

10 Feb 2010, 5:36pm
by Julie Kay Smithson and Wiggles

The list of people spewing lies about “NAIS” being dead, grows like a malignant tumor. I’d venture a confident guess that most of them know full well it’s not dead. In fact, this monster is healthy enough to win a marathon, it’s got so much funding (secret now) and shadow support. Thanks so much for posting this, Mike! I hope many other appreciate it, too!

Reply: See also NAIS Is Not Dead by Julie Kay Smithson [here]

17 Feb 2010, 5:54pm
by Esbee

The fact the USDA is trying to say NAIS is dead shows our govt system works. Keep calling those elected offal and tell them your cow, pig, horse, chicken tell you how to vote!



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