7 Feb 2010, 10:14pm
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B.C. mulls new plan to save caribou by killing wolves

Environmental groups consulted on plan to target packs by helicopter

By Cam Fortems, The Vancouver Sun, February 6, 2010 [here]

More than two decades after pressure from environmentalists shut down an aerial wolf kill program, the province is considering a new lethal strategy.

But before it pulls the trigger, Ministry of Environment officials are canvassing environmental groups to judge reaction to a targeted program to kill wolf packs by helicopter in a bid to save mountain caribou threatened with extirpation.

Two B.C. conservationists confirmed Friday they received e-mails from species-at-risk recovery coordinator Chris Ritchie asking for reaction to a proposed lethal wolf strategy in targeted areas.

“We would be interested in your sense of the response from the ‘common man/woman’ in the region you live,” Richie wrote. “I realize that the opinion is likely to span a wide gamut, but local insight is always valuable.”

Representatives of those groups have scheduled a conference call Monday to consider the request.

“As a member of the public, I see it as evidence of the failure of our wildlife programs that we got to this point,” said Lawrence Redfern, a coordinator with the Mountain Caribou Project, a coalition of conservation groups.

Nearly all the world’s mountain caribou, an ecotype of woodland caribou found across northern Canada, are located in B.C. in an area stretching north from the U.S. border to the northern Rockies. Numbers have dwindled to fewer than 2,000. Some isolated herds have 50 animals or less. … [more]

Note: Thanks to Julie Smithson of Property Rights Research [here, here] for the news tip.



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