2 Jan 2010, 2:46pm
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by admin

Klamath County Could Get a New State Forest After Lottery Funds Buy 45,000 Acres

KMED AM 1440, Medford, December 29, 2009 [here]

A new state forest in Klamath County could eventually create jobs and bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue to the county’s general fund.

The Oregon Board of Forestry is expected to approve purchase of 43,000 acres of the former Gilchrist Timberlands.

The land would be paid for with $15 million in lottery-backed bonds.

A conservation organization plans to purchase another 25,000 acres and sell it to the state, which would pay it off in installments.

Klamath County commissioners must give the plan their stamp of approval.

2 Jan 2010, 6:03pm
by bear bait

Those counties that deeded over their tax foreclosed and/or burned over abandoned lands also foreclosed on, none of which were paying property taxes to support the county clerk and the sheriff during the Great Depression, thought that they would get a fine return by the timber that would grow back on those acres over time. But, like California highjacks water, Portland liberal highjacked the Board of Forestry, and county commissioners fight the Board of Forestry to force them to sell timber.

The goose that was supposed to lay the golden eggs did, and the State took them from the county under the cover of national environmental rulings. So it would be disingenuous for any county commissioner to approve a sale of that magnitude, and the taking of that private land to the public side with all the costs of protection and management, without at least getting an idea of what is in it for Klamath county voters, and taxpayers, and residents. If it is to become some sort of environmental hidey hole and a combustion source for incessant forest fires, then turn it down. I can see nothing in law that says it can be developed, nor do I see anything that says it has to be owned by the State.

2 Jan 2010, 6:31pm
by Mike

bear, this is the first I’ve heard of this deal (a major land transaction, private to public, in Oregon). Must be my own fault. I will have to do some research.

But, yes, this is a terrible idea. For all the reasons you mentioned and more. I foresee paralysis by litigation and catastrophic fires.

The State is a lot easier to sue (to halt all treatments) than private owners; you can take the State into federal court and get paid for suing them. With private defendants you could get counter-sued and end up in the red.

The BoF ought not to expend any funds to buy land anywhere, due to the fact that the State is bankrupt. To take on this disaster in the making is crazy.

Allegedly the deal is $350 an acre. It will cost the taxpayers 100 times that when the final bill, for all the fires and destruction, comes due.



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