12 Jul 2009, 12:39am
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Ranchers, farmers fed up with mountain lion laws

By Kevin Howe, Monterey Peninsula Herald, 07/09/2009 [here]

HOLLISTER — A revolt is brewing on the rangelands of San Benito and Monterey counties over state game laws that protect mountain lions.
Hunters, ranchers and farmers appear to be fed up with what they see as depredations on deer and livestock by an out-of-control mountain lion population. They are resentful of regulations they say were imposed on them by big-city voters who never saw one of the big cats outside of a television program or a zoo, and distrustful of state Department of Fish and Game enforcement. And they seem to be waging their own guerrilla warfare against the specially protected predators in the Gabilan range.

Wednesday, the San Benito County Fish and Game Advisory Commission held a public forum in Hollister on mountain lions. Officials from neighboring counties, state legislators’ aides and mountain lion supporters attended to talk about the issue.

The state paid bounties for mountain lion kills from 1907 to 1963. The lions were classified as a game animal in 1969, and two sport seasons resulted in 118 mountain lion deaths.

The state Legislature imposed a moratorium on hunting the big cats in 1972, which was still in effect when Proposition 117, which prohibited lion hunting and declared them a specially protected species, was passed by voters in 1990.

Since then, the mountain lion population has grown and the deer population has declined, officials said. [more]

13 Aug 2009, 1:08pm
by Pete E.

It is easy to love predators if you aren’t the one losing out from feeding them.

22 Aug 2009, 5:51pm
by Bob

If you want to be a rancher/farmer, mountain lion costs through depredation, fencing etc. are a part of doing business. If you don’t want the expenses, then don’t ranch/farm. We can’t just kill animals because they are an inconvenience to us. It is stupid. We kill bison that wander out of Yellowstone because ranchers are afraid they will spred brucellosis. Forget the fact that there has NEVER been one confirmed case of this happening. We destroy our environment and everything in it for money. It really is sickening after awhile. Suck it up, spend a few bucks to make your livestock as safe as you can. After that, if you have a few losses from predation, that is a cost of doing business, not unlike a retail store has losses to theft. Should they shoot shoplifters?

22 Aug 2009, 6:18pm
by Mike

Bob, your metaphor would be more accurate if you compared mountain lions to armed robbers (not shoplifters). And yes, armed robbers do get shot.

Private property is not a grab bag for goodies the public desires. It is not appropriate or just for the government to steal or destroy private cattle, private timber, or private crops of any kind. Nor is it appropriate or just to burn private property with fires that originate on unkempt government land.

You wouldn’t like government officials to enter your home, eat your food, and walk off with your couch and TV. Look at the big picture. Advocating the infliction of government takings on other citizens endangers your own rights and property.

31 Aug 2009, 2:26pm
by Bob

Mike, you get the point, forget more accurate, it is a silly nit pick. The point is, in EVERY business there are losses due to certain things. THEFT be it by an animal or a person is theft. You get the point right? As for the government. Don’t ranchers in some places get to graze their livestock on public lands for free??? Don’t farmers get subsidies for some of their crops? Please, if you don’t like the business, if you can’t make a living, if you don’t like some of the expenses, then do something else. I don’t say these things as a big fan of the governement. Quite the contrary, they screw up alot of things. Yours and my taxes are way to high to pay for programs for people who don’t deserve it and shouldn’t even be here. To hear them talk , everyone that comes across the border is hard working looking for a better life like our great grandparents did. Doctors and Lawyers aren’t swimming across the Rio Grande, it is pieces of crap looking for freebies, thugs, drug dealers and criminals that you and I support with programs. If I had things my way, I would round up some of those mountain lions that bother people and release them at the Mexican border for border control .That is another story though ;)



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