6 Jul 2009, 5:19pm
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Anti-Wolf Meeting in Idaho Falls

By Danielle Grant, Local News 8, April 21, 2009 [here]

Passionate people share their growing concerns about the wolf population in Idaho.

“Two things are on our mind: the economy and how we’re going to stop this Canadian wolf disaster in our state,” said Ron Gillett [chairman of the Idaho Anti-Wolf Coalition] …

“They ran them through 4 fences…took me three days to gather them up…fix the fences,” said Mike Webster, a local rancher and Governor Otter’s field representative.

Fish and game says more than 1,600 wolves live in the Northern Rocky Mountains in Montana, Idaho and Wyoming.

However Gillett isn’t buying into their numbers or that they can keep an eye on the population.

“This BS that the Fish and Game puts out that there are only 840 wolves in Idaho is a lie. You can not manage Canadian wolves in Idaho at any number because of the terrain and topography. It can not be done,” Gillett explained.

He claims there are at least 3,500 or more wolves roaming the Gem State and now the elk herds, he says, are living in death zones.

Gillett says so far they’ve lost 50,000 elk in the Northern Rockies to the wolves. … [more]



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