10 Mar 2009, 6:32pm
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Wolf Pack Kills Cougar

By JASON KAUFFMAN, Idaho Mountain Express, March 4, 2009 [here]

A 2-year-old mountain lion believed to have been killed by gray wolves lies in the snow near Sun Valley’s Elkhorn neighborhood early Monday afternoon. A follow-up necropsy found multiple puncture wounds consistent with a wolf attack on the predator’s hindquarters, back and neck areas. Photo by Willy Cook

An age-old conflict between two formidable foes ended with the death of a well-traveled mountain lion in the foothills above Elkhorn this week.

The epic fight likely occurred Sunday night, Hailey-based Idaho Department of Fish and Game Conservation Officer Lee Garwood said as he ran his hand through the cougar’s matted fur just after noon on Monday.

“There’s still some warmth,” he said.

According to Garwood, the confrontation likely pitted the solitary, 2-year-old male cougar against an unknown number of wolves from the Phantom Hill pack. Tipped off by nearby residents, the seasoned officer found the crumpled remains of the big cat near the carcass of a cow elk it had likely been feeding on before its fateful encounter.

Only a few hundred yards from where Garwood stood was the first of several large homes in the lower end of Parker Gulch. … [more]

Note: Wolves are like any other dog, they are relentless and unmerciful on cats.



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