19 Feb 2009, 1:33pm
by admin

Grazier stopped from fuel reduction burns at Callignee

by Jane Metlikovec, Herald Sun, February 18, 2009 [here]

A FARMER says he could single-handedly have saved much of his township from being razed - if the Government had let him.

As Premier John Brumby toured Gippsland yesterday, Lindsay Pump slammed the lack of controlled burning and fuel reduction.

Until three years ago Mr Pump, 54, routinely burnt off around the Callignee hall and dozens of neighbouring houses. Now they lie in ruins after fire destroyed 90 homes in the area.

The farmer, who lost almost 40 cattle and 50 goats in the blaze, said he was often pulled up by the Department of Sustainability and Environment for illegal burning.

He was given a final warning when three fire trucks showed up at his last burn-off.

“I was always burning it off, and they wouldn’t let me. They’d come here with fire trucks and put it out. I could have saved a lot of places around here, but there were too many greenies stopping me,” Mr Pump said.

“It’s just disaster now. A lot of this is the Government’s own fault for not burning it. … [more]



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