13 Dec 2008, 11:47am
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Beetle-kill Salvage Planned in Colorado

By Bob Berwyn, Summit Daily News, December 12, 2008 [here]

SUMMIT COUNTY — The U.S. Forest Service has proposed speeding up the regeneration of beetle-killed lodgepole pine forests in the Lower Blue by clear-cutting large chunks of the Lower Blue River Valley.

The 4,300-acre forest-health project currently under public review would be one of the largest recent logging projects on the Dillon Ranger District in recent memory.

Because of the extent of the beetle-kill, many of the areas will be clear-cut.
Along with promoting regrowth, the project is aimed at protecting neighborhoods and watersheds from catastrophic wildfires. About 73 acres slated for treatment are within defensible space on national forest land adjacent to private land.

Logging is planned in the vicinity of Maryland Creek, Pebble Creek, Boulder Creek, Harrigan Creek, Slate Creek, Brush Creek and Spring Creek, and on the east side of Colorado 9 near Pioneer Creek and Ute Pass Road.

In a sense, the project is a race against time, as the trees start to lose commercial value within three to five years after they die.

Forest Service officials hope to start logging in 2009, but it’s not yet clear if the project is economically feasible. … [more]

17 Dec 2008, 4:43am
by Eric Hopkins

To whom it may concern, I’m a small logging contractor in Loveland CO. I have been trying to get together with the Forest Service to help clear campgrounds and other public places that have significant beetle-kill. I have talked with many Forest Rangers who have made me many promises, such as that they will get me in contact with the right people in charge of beetle salvage. These promises have gone unfulfilled. I don’t think it’s fair to the US taxpayers to keep collecting taxes and continuing to close more parks and campgrounds. I’m here and want to help. — Eric at Peak2Peak Forestry

18 Dec 2008, 11:58am
by Bob Z.


You are not alone. You should have been working full-time salvaging beetle-kill on USFS lands using local labor for years.

Why hasn’t this taken place? Isn’t that what “stewardship” contracts are supposed to be all about?

The USFS, with a few notable exceptions, has turned into a safe harbor for incompetent bureaucrats and crafty environmentalists. The people you have been talking to can likely be characterized as one or the other, is my guess. Incompetent people are also typically lazy, however well intentioned,and things usually fail to happen as a result. Crafty people can be downright dishonest when the situation presents itself, and can’t be trusted for that reason. They have an agenda, and their morals and means are often confusing.

I ran into the same frustrations you are experiencing as a reforestation contractor a few decades ago, when the USFS first started to turn belly up and were misrepresenting the “opportunities” provided by their new “stewardship” schemes.

Weirdly, the Obama administration may be a huge help to your business. It is likely the USFS will soon has so much money and so little competence to spend it, that they will be desperate enough to listen to reason and allow local businesses to operate in a profitable and professional manner.

That’s my prediction, unless things change — expect more work than you can handle for the next few years.

Good luck!



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