8 Dec 2008, 10:25am
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New EPA Proposal Could Cost Farmers

New Gas Tax on Cows May Become a Reality

By STEPHANIE MILLER, Dublin (GA) Courier-Herald, 12/07/08 [here]

An attempt to regulate greenhouse gases could put beef, dairy and pork farmers at risk of shutting down should a new proposal become law.

The American Farm Bureau (AFB) and the Georgia Farm Bureau (GFB) are concerned if an Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (ANPR) actually moves forward, to become part of the Clean Air Act, farmers will be hit with many fee charges many can’t pay.

“We’re really early on this, but we wanted to get people talking about it and stir the pot so that it won’t go anywhere,” said John Huffmaster, director of GFB’s Legislative Department.

Huffmaster said while the ANPR is in the public hearing phases it is important that the state’s residents let national leaders know they are against it.

“Anybody who has a problem with it can say something about it and that’s what we’re doing is trying to make sure that’s known,” he said. “The reason we’re stirring the pot is so they’ll know we’ll have a problem with it.”

According to a letter The Courier Herald obtained that was written by GFB President Zippy Duvall to various national leaders, if the regulation of greenhouse gases under the authority of the Clean Air Act is approved it could mean that farmers, or any individual who owns livestock, could end up paying as high as $175 per year per dairy cow, $87.50 per beef animal per year and $20 per hog per year. … [more]

See also: EPA Proposes “Cow Fart Tax” [here]



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