11 Mar 2008, 11:31am
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Hunters team up for bear control

One goal is to increase the moose numbers across Cook Inlet

By JAMES HALPIN, The Anchorage Daily News [here]

Apparently for the first time in Alaska, a private hunting group plans to give a state predator control program a big shot in the arm with a concerted effort to help hundreds of hunters indiscriminately, and legally, kill as many black bears as possible in a game unit west of Anchorage.

The Alaska chapter of Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife, a nonprofit founded here last year, hopes to rotate hunters through about a dozen camps and baiting stations in Game Management Unit 16B, where state biologists estimate there are only about two moose to every black bear.

Ralph Seekins, a founding SFW board member and former state senator, said the group’s mission is “management-for-abundance oriented” rather than pro-predator control. However, predator control often fits within the mission of the group, which is entirely funded by donations and has chapters in about a half-dozen Western states, he said.

“In a lot of situations, when you have a declining or depleted prey population, oftentimes the quickest turnaround is to apply some targeted predator management,” said Corey Rossi, a board member of sister organization Sportsmen for Habitat, which works with SFW. “That doesn’t mean a war on bears any more than it would mean a war on wolves or any other predator.” … [more]



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