1 Mar 2008, 4:24pm
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Two GC (global cooling) Reports from Down Under

Australian Ski Resorts See Summer SNOW

‘We have barely had a summer this year’

Posted by ICECAP [here]

Done and dusted … summer ends with snow at NSW ski resort Perisher Blue. Forecasters predict a bumper ski season for 2008. The final day of summer in the Snowy Mountains has taken on a wintry chill after snow fell last night at the ski resorts of Perisher Blue and Thredbo. A light dusting of snow blanketed the NSW ski resorts overnight as temperatures dropped to a low of minus 3.8 degrees Celcius at Perisher and minus 3 degrees at Thredbo. Intermittent light snow flurries continued to fall into the morning on Mount Perisher.

Weather forecasters are already predicting a bumper snow season for 2008, according to resort management. Temperatures are expected to remain low with persistent precipitation throughout winter. “We have barely had a summer this year,” said Gary Grant, Perisher Blue’s general manager of marketing. “It’s felt as though it’s remained cold since the end of the 2007 season, apart from a few warm days, there air has always had a nip in it.”

Icecap Note: Last Year, Australian ski areas had the best ski season in 17 years.

Global Climate Changes Have Natural Causes

By Dr. Lance Endersbee

In the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries the climate in Europe was cold and unpredictable. Crops failed. Famine followed famine, bringing epidemics. There was a belief that crop failures must be due to human wickedness. But who were the wicked ones? It was believed that there must be some witches who are in the grip of the devil. Witches were named, Inquisitors tested their faith, and a large number of poor souls were condemned and burnt at the stake. For decade after decade, fires burned in most towns in Europe. It is an example of a public delusion. In 1841, Charles MacKay wrote a book, Extraordinary Public Delusions and the Madness of Crowds. It has been reprinted. MacKay describes several popular delusions such as The South-Sea Bubble, The Tulipmania, The Crusades, and The Witch Mania. We read it today with a detached amusement, but there have been many other popular delusions since MacKay wrote his book. We are not immune to the madness of crowds.

Today, there is global warming. The droughts and warm weather are regarded as punishment for the environmental sins of mankind. The particular cause is claimed to be the use of carbon fuels. Over the past two decades the concepts of man-made global warming and man-made climate change have come to be accepted as reality. It is repeated every day, in the papers, on TV, in schools and universities. Many governments, and the United Nations, have declared their faith that Man is causing global climate change. But is it true, or is it just another extraordinary popular delusion? …

In Australia, the newly elected government won support on the popular understanding that they would stop climate change. Such a claim is arrogant, and scientifically impossible. But there was no demur. …

An early action of the newly elected government in Australia was to attend the recent Bali Conference on Climate Change and to sign the Kyoto Protocol. The protocol is designed to reduce carbon emissions. The scientific basis is the assumption that carbon dioxide is a pollutant. It is merely an assumption. … [more]

3 Mar 2008, 12:18am
by Mr Obvious

I have been posting a simple formula on as many of these news blogs as possible.

The AGW/AGCC folks have been claiming that global warming is somehow the result of about a 100 ppm increase in CO2 over the last hundred years.

So if Global Warming over the last hundred years was 1 degree, and if CO2 gets 20% warmer than normal air, then 20% x 100 ppm x 1 degree gets us 20 millionths of a degree of the warming being attributable to the “Man Made” CO2 increase
(I wonder what the other 999,980 millionths of a degree were caused by).

And that’s only if you ignore wind, and ignore matching decreases in the levels of O2 (oxygen has almost the same IR absorption spectra as CO2) that would reduce that 20 millionths of a degree down to almost 0.

Almost any middle school child should be able should be able to do this math. I wonder why the IPCC can’t.

I also wonder why so many activists were so easily tricked (in a Penn and Teller video) into signing a petition to ban di-hydrogen-monoxide (H2O). Perhaps they need to drink more water.



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