6 Dec 2007, 3:23pm
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by admin

Extinction threatens 54 bird species often seen in Oregon

Comprehensive listing - A new watch list finds even common thrushes and flycatchers are in trouble

More than 50 bird species that spend at least part of their lives in Oregon, including a few seen in Portland backyards, are nearing the brink of extinction, according to a new assessment that’s one of the most comprehensive ever attempted.

The list includes some Northwest species, such as the spotted owl and marbled murrelet, that are well-known because they’re in trouble. But it also holds lesser-known species such as Lewis’s woodpecker, the willow flycatcher and the varied thrush.

The appearance of the varied thrush on the new watch list compiled by the Audubon Society and American Bird Conservancy surprised Bob Sallinger, conservation director at the Audubon Society of Portland. Frequent sightings might make it seem that the relative of the robin, which breeds in the Coast Range and Cascades, is doing all right, he said. “That’s seen around Portland all the time over the winter.”

But breeding-bird surveys show that the species has declined nearly 25 percent during the past 40 years, probably because of fragmentation of its forest habitat… [more]

6 Dec 2007, 3:31pm
by Mike

Here we go again! The most common birds in the State are “going extinct.” Even the Audubon Society is shocked and surprised!

And why are the most common birds, birds quite at home in urban environments disappearing from the face of the Earth?

Forest fragmentation!!!

What? I thought the mosaic was the best damn thing that ever happened to forests. That’s what whoofoos do, right? Wildland Use Fires “create mosaics.” That’s their big benefit to the environment, right? I mean, besides killing the forest dead.

What’s the damn difference between a mosaic and a fragmentation????????

Can either be mapped, measured, or agreed upon by two unbiased “scientists” in a double-blind experiment?


Never happened, never will. Neither the “mosaic” nor the “fragmentation” are actual features of reality.

But no matter. Fragmentation in forests far, far away is extirpating urban backyard birds. The solution? More mosaic, I guess!!!!!

Another option: fragment the quacks.



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