18 Aug 2008, 6:04pm
by admin

Summit Springs Complex Fires

Location: 6 mi N of Sisters, Deschutes Co., OR

Specific Location: SW Cutoff Rd, Lat 44° 25′ 24″ Lon 121° 30′ 47″

Date of Origin: 08/17/2008
Cause: lightning

Situation as of 08/29/2008 11:30 AM
Personnel: 20
Size: 1,973 acres
Percent contained: 100%

Costs to Date: $4,900,000

Smoldering and creeping interior. Patrol and rehab.


Situation as of 08/27/2008 8:30 AM
Personnel: 132
Size: 1,973 acres
Percent contained: 91%

Costs to Date: $4,500,000

Mop up continues on portions of the Summit Springs fire. The Green Ridge and Stevens Canyon fires are in patrol status today.


Situation as of 08/25/2008 2:00 PM
Personnel: 217
Size: 1,973 acres
Percent contained: 85%

Costs to Date: $4,300,000

ODF team 3 transferred command of fire to type III transition team (Keith) at 1300
hours. Limited burning on interior unburned islands. Mop-up standard will be met for all three fires. IR camera continues to work night shift picking up scattered hot spots.


Situation as of 08/24/2008 1:20 PM
Personnel: 843
Size: 1,973 acres
Percent contained: 45%

Costs to Date: $3,300,000

Growth potential on Green Ridge and Summit Springs Fire (1747 acres) is moderate due to terrain and increases in temperature and lower humidity. Stevens Canyon (173 acres), Green Ridge, and Summit Springs are in mop up status.

Type 1 ODF Incident Management Team #3 will transfer command to a Type 3 Transition Team at 1300 hrs on 8/25/08.


Situation as of 08/22/2008 2:00 PM
Personnel: 919
Size: 1,926 acres
Percent contained: 30%

Costs to Date: $2,600,000

Active fire behavior anticipated with high pressure system moving into the region. Currently burning within control lines.


Situation as of 08/21/2008 2:00 PM
Personnel: 744
Size: 1,926 acres
Percent contained: 25%

Costs to Date: $1,800,000

Active fire behavior anticipated with significant winds.


Situation as of 08/20/2008 2:00 PM
Personnel: 588
Size: 1,740 acres
Percent contained: 25%

Costs to Date: $560,000

There are closure orders in the Metolius basin area. Several trails and the Lower Bridge Campground remain closed. For information directly from fire camp you can call 541-549-3189.

Active fire behavior driven by significant winds. Some torching and spotting across
lines. Cooler than normal temperatures and favorable relative humidities are helping to moderate fire behavior.


Situation as of 08/19/2008 2:00 PM
Personnel: 371
Size: 1,370 acres
Percent contained: 25%

ODF Team 3 (Hirsch) took command of the fires. Began line construction on Green Ridge Fire. Completed line construction on Stevens Canyon Fire. Improved fire lines on Summit Springs Fire and started mopup 25 feet. Assumed IA responsibility on 120 square miles that encompasses the complex.


Situation as of 08/18/2008 8:00 PM
Personnel: 83
Size: 1,350 acres
Percent contained: 10%


Situation as of 08/18/2008 2:30 PM
Personnel: 20
Size: 1,000 acres
Percent contained: 5%

Wind driven crown runs. Spotting up to one quarter of a mile. Land owners and dozer operators are attempting to anchor the southeast corner and begin line construction.



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