11 Aug 2008, 7:18pm
by admin

Hume Creek Fire

Location: 3 miles SW of Emida, Benewah Co., ID

Specific Location: E of Rte 6 to Hume Creek Rd., St. Joe NF, 47° 4´ 50″ Lon 116° 36´ 49″

Date of Origin: 08/08/2008
Cause: lightning

Situation as of 08/12/08 3:30 PM
Personnel: 120
Size: 132
Percent Contained: 100%

Costs to Date: $517,675

100% containment. Mop-up to 100′ inside the perimeter and in green islands was completed today. Demob will begin with releasing heavy equipment first, then crews as mop-up is comleted.


Situation as of 08/11/08 2:20 PM
Personnel: 127
Size: 132
Percent Contained: 50%

Costs to Date: $300,000

Weather has allowed fire resources to strengthen the line and begin mop-up operations in earnest. Continued smoldering and small-scale burning out of unburned pockets. A few spots outside the perimeter were found and extinguished.


Situation as of 08/10/08 4:20 PM
Personnel: 89
Size: 118
Percent Contained: 15%

Costs to Date: $150,000

Fire line was completed around the fire with heavy equipment. Hose lays are being put in place to begin mop-up and assist in control of spot fires. Cool weather and raised humidities helped keep the fire in check. Lower humidities and wind gusts could still cause isolated spotting. Forested but well-roaded area.



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