10 Aug 2008, 11:50am
by admin

Church Canyon Fire

Location: 3 miles NE of Kamiah, Idaho Co., ID

Specific Location:, Lat 46° 16´ 0″ Lon 115° 56´ 1″

Date of Origin: 08/07/08
Cause: Lightning

Situation as of 08/15/08 6:00 PM
Total Personnel: 177
Size: Size: 800 acres
Percent Contained: 100%

Costs to Date: $1,808,755

Transition to type 3 organization (Keith Brink) at 7:00. Will continue rehab and mop up. Demob of resources.


Situation as of 08/14/08 6:00 PM
Total Personnel: 256
Size: Size: 800 acres
Percent Contained: 100%

Costs to Date: $1,677,000

100% containment. Firefighters will continue to search and mop-up all remaining heat near control lines and within unburned postions of the fire near indirect line.


Situation as of 08/13/08 6:00 PM
Total Personnel: 305
Size: Size: 800 acres
Percent Contained: 90%

Costs to Date: $1,300,000

The fire is still smoldering and creeping in timbered fuels. Continued Mop-up and rehab on dozer lines.


Situation as of 08/12/08 6:00 PM
Total Personnel: 297
Size: Size: 800 acres
Percent Contained: 80%

Costs to Date: $812,000

Type 1 hand crews completed difficult direct hand line eliminating unburned fuel between the fire edge and indirect line. Dozers completed line to allow skidengines to continue mop-up on smoldering sections of line.

If light winds continue throughout the next 48-72 hours, the team will begin releasing many of the resources.


Situation as of 08/11/08 6:00 PM
Total Personnel: 253
Size: Size: 800 acres
Percent Contained: 60%

Costs to Date: $645,000

Crews completed direct and indirect line around the fire today. Mop up of heat near the line will continue.


Situation as of 08/10/08 10:30 PM
Total Personnel: 195
Size: Size: 720 acres
Percent Contained: 40%

Grants Type 2 team assumed command at 1900 August 10, 2008. Combined strategy of direct and indirect suppression tactics.


Situation as of 08/09/08 10:30 PM
Total Personnel: 155
Size: Size: 720 acres
Percent Contained: 10%

Structures Threatened: 25 residences , 35 outbuildings Structures Destroyed: 2 outbuildings

Afternoon winds took fire across control lines in southest corner; fire made wind and terrain driven run up-canyon. Lost almost all control lines in late afternoon. Requested IMT2.

10 Aug 2008, 4:26pm
by karen

Does anyone know any additional information about this fire? It is near my parents home and I am concerned.

10 Aug 2008, 6:08pm
by Mike

As best as I can tell from Google Earth Fire maps, the general area of the Church Canyon Fire was east of Adams Grade and north of Woodland Road as of 10 pm last night. If anyone has more information than that, please share.

10 Aug 2008, 6:35pm
by Dave

It is between Bill Kinzer’s (Kidder Ridge Road, mp 5) and Beaverslide Road. I live near Kinzer and the fire came almost to Kidder Road last night. Looking much better today. Lots of air support.

10 Aug 2008, 9:13pm
by karen

Latest news from my parents, who are about 5 miles air miles away, hardly any smoke coming up, and about 25 loads of borate dumped today from very large planes. Also, several helicopters with water “buckets”. Prayers have been answered!!

10 Aug 2008, 10:02pm
by melanie

my parents live in kamiah and they are ok….came close to their property, but as of this morning it changed direction.

10 Aug 2008, 11:34pm
by Mike

Sorry for the delay in posting the above excellent reports. Family thing this eve kept me offline.

Glad to hear the good news. Thank goodness firefighting hasn’t been banned!!!!!

13 Aug 2008, 11:31am
by Debra

I live on Glenwood Rd. It was very hectic the first few days. The Glenwood-Caribel Volunteer Fire Fighters responded and worked day and night. There were some close calls to a couple homes, but the guys were able to keep it from consuming any structures. When they thought it was pretty much in control, it blew up and they were back at it… it really went wild. Barbara Fyre had her yard turned into a holding yard, command center, full of equipment , and ambulance etc. She and her husband, along with all the neighbors, made sure the fire fighters were fed, watered, and given comfort , bedding etc… until IDL came in and took over. The little town and it’s people are big at heart and take care of each other. A very special THANKS TO ALL. My husband was there and still is… 8 days. Has not been home for 3 days.



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