6 Aug 2008, 10:35am
by admin

Rattlesnake Fire

Location: 36 miles E of Lowell, Idaho Co., ID

Specific Location: Selway River, Clearwater NF, Lat 46° 4´ 6″ Lon 114° 52´ 1″

Date of Origin: 08/05/2008
Cause: unknown

Situation as of 08/17/2008 5:30 PM
Personnel: 13
Size: 2,600 acres
Percent contained: 0%

Costs to Date: $50,000

Est date of containment: 10/15/2008 [indicates that no attempt will be made to contain this fire. It is a non-suppression "suppression fire, a de facto whoofoo. - Ed]

Patrol flight indicated fire had spotted across the Bitch Cr. Drainage and was continuing to flank down the Selway River. Crews are continuing to monitor the fires spread and patrol the Selway River corridor for any spotting across the river.


Situation as of 08/12/2008 5:00 PM
Personnel: 13
Size: 1,600 acres
Percent Contained: 0%

Costs to Date: $40,000

Crown runs in the Short Creek Drainage, creeping and backing in the river corridor. Crew swap will occur on 8/13. Staffing at Selway Lodge and Shearer will remain at 9 firefighters.


Situation as of 08/07/2008 7:30 PM
Personnel: 15
Size: 1,000 acres (no update)
Percent Contained: 0%

Est date of containment: 10/15/2008

Fire backing downhill (east) towards Selway River, some perimeter growth on N end of fire near origin. Assessing structure protection needs for Shearer Guard Station, Selway suspension bridge, Pettibone and Bear Creek trail bridges. Stucture [sic] protection at Selway Lodge is in place.

No futher [sic] reports unless significant changes occur. [How about no futher paychecks issued unless required 209 reports are made and posted daily? - Ed]


Situation as of 08/05/2008 7:30 PM
Personnel: 1
Size: 1,000 acres
Percent Contained: 0%

Est date of containment: 10/15/2008

Selway Lodge threatened.

Fire not yet an official WFU, but no initial attack, no attempt to suppress.

Running, Crowning and long range spotting. Potential for very large fire.



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