10 Jul 2008, 2:30pm
by admin

CA Evacuations Thursday Noon

Immediate Threat Evacuation has been issued for residents living near or in the communities of Jarbo Gap, Yankee Hill, and Big Bend. The Immediate Evacuations encompass Hwy. 70 from Deadwood to the west branch of the Feather River and all areas East of Hwy. 70 the Lake Oroville.

Public Evacuation Location:
* Church of Nazarene – 2238 Monte Vista, Oroville, CA 530-533-7464
* Chico State – Yolo Hall - 400 W. First St. , Chico
Animal/Pet Shelter Location: Small animals should be housed with family or friends if possible.
* Chico State Farm (Large Animals) – 311 Nicholas C. Schouten Lane. Contact the North Valley Animal Disaster Group at (530) 895-0000.

Immediate Threat Evacuations are taking place in the communities of Ono, Igo, Platina, the Zogg Mine Road area, and Rainbow Lake area:

* Rock Creek Road and Iron Mtn. Road, Benson Drive, South Fork at Placer and Cloverdale, Gas Point at Lower Gas Point, Zogg Mine Road to Muletown, Platina and Gas Point, Bland/Trinity Alps Preserve, Platina Road at Placer Road, Rainbow Lake and all tributaries, Buell Road, and South Fork at 299 West.

Evacuation Center: Shasta Learning Center at 2200 Eureka Way, Redding, adjacent to Shasta High School.

Immediate Threat Evacuation for town of Paradise:

* All residences south of Wagstaff Rd to Billie Rd between Clark Rd and Pentz Rd and south of Billie Rd to the southern town limits, between Sawmill Rd and Pentz Rd.
* All residences on the east side of Pentz Rd from Skyway South to Malibu Drive.
* Pentz Rd. south to Micoene Circle and all cross roads

Evacuation Shelter:
Las Plumas High School,
2380 Las Plumas Ave, Oroville.

Neighborhood Church
2801 Norte Dame Blvd, Chico

Church of Nazarene
2238 Monte Vista, Oroville

Chico State Yolo Hall
400 West First Street, Chico

Immediate Threat Evacuation for towns of Butte Meadows and Jonesville:

* Due to fire activity from the Cub Complex.
* Bald Rock Rd at Greystone Ln to Zink Rd. and all cross streets north and south of Bald Rock Rd.
* Upper and Lower Bald Rock Rd. off Oro Quincy Hwy
* Bean Creek Rd. and all cross roads between Rockefeller Rd. and Bald Rock Rd.
* Milsap Bar Rd. to the Feather River



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