29 Jun 2008, 1:53pm
Oregon Washington
by admin

Oregon Lightning Fire Update

Initial Attack Fire Activity Summary 06/30 AM

Central Washington – 10 new and numerous smokes. Four new in the Goldendale area will be complexed with a Type 3 IC. Two largest are 50+ acres each but no problems are reported.

Yakama BIA – Will have recon up at 0800. No problems reported.

Central Oregon – 12 new. Class AB and no problems reported.

Mt Hood NF – 12 confirmed, all Class A.

Warm Springs BIA – 2 confirmed. Largest is 75 acres located near Kaneetah. Fire is staffed with no problems reported.

Klamath Falls – 4 – 5 new. All Class A with no problems.

Washington State Patrol reports numerous fires in the Columbia Basin but no information is available yet.


Initial Attack Fire Activity Summary, June 29 AM:

Rogue River NF – 1 new Class AB. No problems.

Medford ODF - 5 new. Largest is 2 ac. No problems.
Umpqua NF – has several new. All Class AB with no problems yet.

Douglas FPA– Has several new. No problems reported.

Klamath Falls – Crater Lake NP has 1 new at 1/4 ac. No problems.

Eugene –Will put detection up at 1100. Got some precip at lower elevations last night.

Central Oregon – 2 human-caused on 6/28 for 32 acres.

Planned prescribed fire activity today: None.

Weather Synopsis: Widespread thunderstorms in Oregon today, turning moderately wet towards evening.

29 Jun 2008, 8:45pm
by bear bait

South winds have filled the Willamette Valley with California wildfire smoke. So much for smoke-free Eugene Olympic Track and Field Trials. They got it, and it was not from field burning. In fact, just a little swathing going on at this point, no combine work, let alone straw removal and then field burning. Gee. A non-issue from farmers, but the wildfire and WFU smoke is here in spades.



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