23 Jun 2008, 10:10pm
by admin

North Mountain Fire

Location: 7 mi NE of Groveland, Tuolumne Co. CA

Specific Location: Stanislaus NF, Preston Falls, Tuolumne R. area, Lat 37° 53′ 0″; Lon 119° 52′ 45″

Date of Origin: 06/21/08
Cause: Lightning

Situation as of 07/07/08 6:00 AM
Total Personnel: 61
Size: 2,889 acres
Percent Contained: 100%

Costs to Date: $6,250,000


Situation as of 07/03/08 6:00 PM
Total Personnel: 377
Size: 2,889 acres
Percent Contained: 100%

Costs to Date: $5,230,000

Closeout planned for 7/7/2008 in Sonora. Type I helicopter has been down due to routine maintenance. Type II Helicopter still needed for spike camp support. Contine to improve line and mop up and patrol 200 ft., fall and dowse smoldering snags.


Situation as of 07/01/08 6:00 PM
Total Personnel: 515
Size: 2,711 acres
Percent Contained: 35%

Costs to Date: $3,950,000

Additional Spike Camp “East-Whiskey” near the Div. W/X break. Received confirmation the (4) Marine helicopters will arrive tomorrow. The helicopters will be working out of Lemoore Navel Air Station.

Expected containment date is 07/03/2008 at 18:00.


Situation as of 06/30/08 6:00 PM
Total Personnel: 514
Size: 2,750 acres
Percent Contained: 35%

Costs to Date: $3,300,000

Good progress made on Div A and B. Lines are advancing to the east. Incident has released 5 Type VI Engines and will release (6) more today. Crews will be flown into Div “W” and “X” and will spike out for 2-3 days. North Mt resources assisted Stanislaus NF with initial attack on Ackerson Mt. Type II Helicopter is critical for spike camp crew support.

Increasing public interest of fire due to upcoming holiday. Vehicle traffic has increased causing the incident to enhance traffic control and law enforcement activities. Roads will remain open as long as the fire stays north of the Tuolomne River. Smoke and haze is persistent across the area.


Situation as of 06/29/08 6:00 PM
Total Personnel: 480
Size: 2,697 acres
Percent Contained: 35%

Costs to Date: $2,900,000

Map acreage corrected. Fire continues to back and roll out in the Tuolumne River Drainage. Several spots picked up in the Cherry Creek Drainage. Limited fire movement on the eastern flank but fire is still active.

Road closures lifted. An additional Type I hand crew will be added to the incident tomorrow. Spike Camp established. Released (5)SR - Type VI Engines to the Piute Mtn. Fire.


Situation as of 06/28/08 6:00 PM
Total Personnel: 494
Size: 1,810 acres
Percent Contained: 30%

Costs to Date: $2,300,000

A temporary road closure of Cherry Lake Road went into effect at 1500 due to increased fire activity on Division “Zulu”. This closure affects traffic going into Camp Mather from Hwy 120 and Cherry Lake Road.

Spot fire across the Tuolomne River is un-staffed due to terrain. Will attempt to staff tomorrow.


Situation as of 06/27/08 6:00 PM
Total Personnel: 472
Size: 1,511 acres
Percent Contained: 30%

Costs to Date: $1,200,000


Situation as of 06/25/08 3:00 PM
Total Personnel: 263
Size: 1,010 acres
Percent Contained: 5%

At 5:00 PM June 23rd Southern California Interagency Command Team 2 assumed command of he North Mountain Fire. This is the only report issued so far. Evidently the Stanislas Public Affairs Desk has gone on vacation.

And people complain to ME!!!! Hell, I don’t get paid to do this, and THEY DO!!!!!

Call these folks and ask them what gives: Pam Bierce or Jim Wilkins, Information Officers, (909) 553-2876, Jerry Snyder, Public Affairs Office, (209) 532-3671 x244


Situation as of 06/23/08 3:00 PM
Total Personnel: 174
Size: 550 acres
Percent Contained: 0%



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