23 Jun 2008, 11:30am
by admin

Dry Lightning Ignitions in CA: Update

From CalFire, Monday 5:30 PM:

Summary of Fires by Unit

Siskiyou Unit: All 8 fires have been contained for a total of 10 acres. The Klamath National Forest has the Siskiyou Complex which is near Happy Camp that is 600 acres with no containment.

Humboldt-Del Norte Unit: 51 fires for more than 900 acres, with 4 new fires today. The Paradise Fire is Northeast of Shelter Cove and is 600 acres and 5% contained, The Redcrest Fire is 30 acres, the High Fire is in Humboldt Redwood State Park with unknown acreage or containment, the Carson Fire is 40 acres and 50% contained, the Hansen Fire is 2 acres with unknown containment, the Williams Fire is 25 acres and 50% contained, In the BLM Headwaters Forest there are three additional small fires buring.

Mendocino Unit: Approx. 131 fires have been reported, buring more than 8,900 acres. Incident Command Team #4 has been assigned to this complex. The Orr Fire is 200 acres and has evacuations of the Orr Springs Resort and 50 homes in the area, the Navarro Fire is 1,400 acres and 5% contained, the Cherry fire is 50 acres and 50% contained, the Foster Fire is 50 acres and 50% contained, the Table Mtn. Fire is 1,000 acres and 5% contained, the Mallo Pass Fire is 800 acres, and the Juan Creek fires (2) are at 100 acres each. There are 8 additional fires at 30 acres each. The Mendocino Fire Information Number is (707) 972-3846.

San Mateo-Santa Cruz Unit: 15 fires have been reported. The Quarry Fire is located near the base of San Bruno Mountain is 300 acres and 85% contained. Click Whitehurst/Hummingbird Incident for more information on these fires.

Amador-El Dorado Unit: All fires for a total of 80 acres have been contained.

Nevada-Yuba-Placer Unit: 34 fires reported. The fire of concern is the Foresthill (formerly Mosquito) Fire which is 75 acres and 90% contained. Mosquito Ridge Road remains closed at Foresthill Road until 6 p.m. today.

Butte Unit: 25 fires for a total of more than 1,397 acres. The Rim Fire has burned 50 acres with unknown containment. Butte County Sheriff’s department is effecting a Precautionary Evacuation Advisory for the Lake Concow Area for a lighting fire in excess of 100 acres burning off of Rim Rd. (Also referred to as Andy Mountain Rd.) in the Concow area. The American Red Cross is setting up an evacuation shelter at the Spring Valley School at 2771 Pentz Rd. off of Hwy 70. There are four road closures in effect: Concow Rd. from Yellow Wood Rd. north to the end of the pavement on Concow Rd, Concow Rd. from Nelson Bar to end of pavement, Rim Rd. (also known as Andy Mtn. Rd) from Hwy 70 to end of Rim Rd., Deadwood from Hwy 70 to Concow Rd.

Tehama-Glen Unit: Over 37 fires for a total of 3,146 acres. 35 fires are contained. EAST SIDE (Paynes Creek Area)- The Antelope Fire is 900 acres and 10% contained, the Mill Creek Fire is 900 acres with no containment. The Tehama-Glenn Unit Information Number is (530) 528-5124.

Shasta-Trinity Unit: Over 153 fires for a total of 7,000 acres. Incident Command Team #10 has been assigned to this complex. Shasta-Trinity Unit Information (530) 225-2510

Sonoma-Lake-Napa Unit:
6 fires with 4 contained. Two fires are still burning for a total of more than 12,000 acres. Click on Wild Fire Incident or Walker Fire Incident for more information on these incidents.

Lassen-Modoc Unit: 45 total fires for 500+ acres

Tuolumne-Calaveras Unit: 9 fires for a total of 5,720 acres. All fires have been contained. Currently the counties of Tuolumne and Calaveras are experiencing heavy smoke in low lying areas due to fires caused by heavy lightning activity yesterday.

Madera-Mariposa-Merced Unit:
15 fires reported
The Cunningham Complex (5 fires total) are burning 3,150 acres total, the Stumpfield Fire is burning 2 acres, the Indian Peak Fire is burning 60 acres, and the Oliver Fire is burning in the Sierra National Forest. The Sierra National Forest has reported 25 fires.

Also, excellent reporting on the “Siege of ‘08″ is being done by Bill Gabbert at Wildfire Today [here].

Note: to view all the active fires at W.I.S.E. Fire Tracking click on “Archives_June 2008″ in the righthand sidebar. Then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “keep looking”. Repeat. When you get to fires that say “100% contained” you have reached the end of the active fires.

24 Jun 2008, 7:53am
by bear bait

In the politics of forest management, you reap what you sow. People like me have spent far too many evenings, time away from our stated jobs, to try to explain why not cutting trees will have a bad ending, and that preservation protects nothing, that it is only by anthropogenic forest management that fire losses are kept at a minimum. And we get defeated in every instance.

The same people who incised on rocks, drew in Europe’s caves so long ago, also exercised a landscape management effort to keep fire losses minimal, and their chances for success in a hunter-gatherer and low level agricultural effort to survive at the best odds possible. Incineration by wildfire was not a part of who they were. They sowed seeds of landscape management, of landscape fire management, and their reward was survival. That we today, in all our glory as this supposedly advanced civilization, cannot manage land as well as aboriginal peoples here thousands of years ago is more than disappointing.

California is getting what they wanted. The national NGOs are getting what they wanted. The people who fund the NGOs to sue, to protest fuel reduction efforts, any and all, including those that were put together communally, at great expense of time and effort in one great collaboration as in the Quincy Library Group, only to have been stymied by NGOs expertly judge shopping the now known to be corrupt 9th Circuit, are seeing the results of their efforts. They should hang their heads in shame, but that will never happen. By sending money to an NGO, you are saved the humiliation of personally being responsible for others distress. Shame on you!!!! Shame on you!!!!

So now all that anyone can do is watch as fire claims more “old growth” forest, spotted owl habitat, special natural areas, wildlife habitat, and ruins years of human effort to have a comfortable home in a place your own. This bankrupt land management by urban swells intent on recreational opportunity has got to stop!!! The fires are killing people, incinerating the forests, killing wildlife and rural economies!! Shame on you, mindless contributors to NGOs for their obfuscation of land management!! These fires are set by lightening, but fueled to infernos by piss poor land management by urban committee, by far away bureaucrats caving to the demands of an idiot Congress, a penny pinching disconnected Bush Administration. Shame on them!!!! Write West Virginia Congressman Rahal, and tell him how his policy is SO much better than Pombo’s. California liberals ran Pombo off at the ballot box, and this is what you get in return, folks. This is the result. West Virginia forest management. Someone from the East telling you how it will be. It isn’t about having forests. It is about which party can collect the most money by taking any position needed to “be the party of power.” You are getting what you paid for, California. Well done. No, make that burnt.

The seeds of disaster have been sown for years, and now California gets to reap what they have sown. Watershed logging based on collective basal area of all owners, and all land is in some watershed. Even if you wanted, needed. to take some trees down to lessen fire danger, the state of California puts you through a two year process of hiring experts, producing mitigation plans, and the trees that go to market don’t bring enough money after logging to pay the consultants, for the logging plan. So nothing gets done, by design, and it all burns. So smart!! So clever!!! So environmentally responsible!!! And mostly, so god damned stupid as to be laughable. So sad as to be a story only some dark story teller like Cormack McCarthy could write it with authority. Poor California is getting their deserved comeuppance. I am sorry for the ignorant, for those who put their time into trying to bring about change. The rest? Black is beautiful..and there is still a good scrap metal, used brick market. And clear glass, only, in the recycle bucket. And please, back up with your hand out behind you for the FEMA check the rest of America provides people who risk it all and lose. Too bad we don’t treat our soldiers that well.



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