Best Cover Scent For Deer Hunting


More of a deer’s brain power is dedicated to detecting foreign and unusual smells in their habitat than anything else. In fact, a deer’s sense of smell is 10,000 times stronger than a human’s!

This is why when you’re out hunting deer it’s really easy to give the game away, and you may find a deer bolting before you get a chance to line up your shot.

Hunting blinds, camouflaged clothing and equipment are all great ways of disguising yourself, but they’re no use if a deer can still smell that something isn’t quite right. 

Luckily, to help with this conundrum, there are cover scents that will help you to effectively disguise yourself and remain hidden from a deer’s powerful nostrils. 

However, as with all hunting gear, there are countless options to choose from and whittling down the choices to one that works best for you can be a bit confusing. 

To help out, we’ve put together a list of our five favorite cover scents, along with a buying guide that will help you choose the best one for deer hunting, allowing you to remain undetected out in the wild and get closer to your target than ever before.

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Best Cover Scent for Deer Hunting - Comparison Table

Best Cover Scent for Deer Hunting - Reviews

More than just a basic cover scent, the Trophy Hunter Kit from Dead Down Wind, will completely annihilate any odors and leave you totally undetectable from even the most powerful snouts. 

The 12oz field spray will remove all human odor from your clothes as well as your hunting gear, so you can be certain that a deer will never know you’re there. And to make sure you don’t run out, there are  4 field spray refills that mix with water, so you can top up your scent cover when you’re out on the hunt, or reapply if you’re on a longer trip and have changed your clothes.

Putting in that extra effort to guarantee you stay hidden from your target, a compact 5 color camouflage face paint pack is included as well, along with a SPF 30 moisturizing lip balm to keep you protected from the elements. 

It also comes with a 4.5oz soap bar that uses natural enzymes to eliminate a wide range of odors, so you can still jump in the shower before your day of hunting and not risk having any artificial scents on your skin. The soap also comes with a travel case, so you can put it in your hunting pack without any mess.

On top of all of that, this amazing kit also includes 8oz of speciality formulated laundry detergent that removes any odors and stains from your hunting gear so you’ll be ready and prepared for next time before you’ve even left the house. 


  • Contains 10 items that will help you totally cover your scent
  • The field spray will remove all human odor from your clothes and gear
  • Includes 4 refills that can be mixed with water for easy reapplication out in the field
  • Comes with a soap bar and laundry detergent, helping you remain odor free before even stepping out into the wild
  • Also includes a 5 color camouflage face paint kit and an SPF 30 moisturizing lip balm


  • Some customers that purchased this pack commented that the soap bar left their skin feeling dry after use

If you’re looking for a cover scent that doesn’t require you to spray it on your clothes or skin, then these Cover Scent Wafers from Hunters Specialities are a great option. 

Long lasting and self-refreshing, their patented Wafer Scent Technology makes pure, concentrated scents a part of the wafer itself, ensuring consistent results each time.

Simply pin onto your clothing, or on any surrounding tree branches in your hiding area, and your scent will go totally unnoticed by any deer that wander through. 

Available in three different scents (Fresh Earth, Natural Pine and White Oak Acorn), each pack includes three wafers and three hangers, all of which can be stored safely in the travel sized tin. 

Customers that purchased these cover scent wafers commented at how effective they were when used out in the field, and also made a great additional layer of scent cover with other scent covers when hunting deer. 


  • Ideal if you want a cover scent that doesn’t require spraying on your clothes or skin
  • Self-refreshing for low maintenance, long-lasting scent cover
  • Can be pinned onto clothing or surrounding trees with ease
  • Available in three different scents - Fresh Earth, Natural Pine & White Oak Acorn


  • Some customers found that the scent wafers needed to be returned to the tin to ‘recharge’ after a days use, so you may need multiple packs for a longer hunting trip

By emitting an odor that deer are naturally conditioned to ignore, this field spray from Nose Jammer will help you get that lethal shot without being foiled by a keen sense of smell.

Made using vanillin and other organic compounds, this scent cover spray overloads the deer’s senses without alarming them, giving them a massive influx of natural odors whilst simultaneously masking yours. 

Designed for use as an aerosol, this cover scent is super easy to spray over clothing, hunting gear and even surrounding vegetation, and can be used before and during the hunt to give you maximum coverage.

Customers that purchased this cover scent spray have noted it’s effectiveness in helping them remain unnoticed enough for deer to wander within a few feet of them, allowing them to get a close range, deadly shot with ease.


  • Made using vanillin and organic compounds that deer and elk are naturally conditioned to ignore
  • Gives your target a massive influx of natural odors whilst simultaneously masking yours
  • The aerosol design makes it super easy to spray over clothing, hunting gear and the surrounding area
  • Easy to transport and store in your hunting pack


  • Some customers have commented that the spray can make things a little bit sticky after use

The double-duty nature of this cover scent spray from Buck Bomb doesn’t only make it a great cover scent, but also an effective attractant.

Made from 100% natural whitetail deer ‘in heat’ urine, it is designed to mimic a doe’s sexual breeding behaviours and lure in mature bucks.

The specially designed nozzle releases 1 drop of urine into 3000 air particles, enabling it to travel downwind up to three quarters of a mile, clinging to everything it comes into contact with.

The nozzle also features a lock-down valve so you can unload the entire can in one area should you wish too, creating a cloud of scent cover. 

The easy to use aerosol spray makes it great for fixed position hunting as well as stalking, and it is compact enough to fit into your hunting pack without a risk of it making a mess.


  • Works as both a cover spray and an attractant
  • Specially designed nozzle release 1 drop of urine into 3000 air particles
  • Can travel up to three quarters of a mile, clinging to everything it touches on the way
  • Has a lock-down valve which allows you to empty an entire can at once and create a cloud of cover scent
  • It’s compact size is great for easy storage and transportation


  • The strong, deer urine smell of this cover scent can be overwhelming to the human nose, but is extremely effective for covering human odors and for attracting deer

Consisting of a mixture of buck, doe and fawn bedding area scents, this cover scent stick from Conquest Scents will help to disguise any human odors in your hunting area.

Effective all season long, it works by making deer that wander into the area feel calm and settled, reducing their level of alertness and allowing you to get a clean, perfect shot. 

This cover scent is designed as a wax stick, meaning that there is no mess or wastage, and allowing you to effectively and accurately apply to your clothing and surrounding areas with ease. It can even be rubbed on the bottom of your hunting boots to mask your odor whilst you’re headed to your chosen position.

Customers that purchased this cover scent found that it lasted much longer than aerosol and liquid alternatives, giving them great value for money. 


  • Works by imitating the scent of a deer’s natural bedding area, making them feel calm
  • The wax stick design allows you to accurately apply it without any risk of spillage or wastage
  • The design of this scent cover also means it will last you a long time
  • Can be used on clothing, blinds and your surrounding area


  • Some customers found that the wax stick left a chalky texture on their hunting clothes and gear, however it was easy to wash off

Best Cover Scent for Deer Hunting - Buyers Guide

When you’re looking for a cover scent to use in deer hunting, there are a variety of options available to you. From the scent itself to the application of it, several things need to be considered before settling on your final choice.

Below, we’ve put together some key points to give some thought to, so you can make sure you find the best cover spray for your hunting needs and get the best results each time.


There are several scents available to choose from when you’re trying to cover human odors out in the wild, and it’s worth thinking about what scent will be most effective for your hunting needs.

Earth cover scents smell like fresh dirt, and are ideal for using in almost all hunting environments as there will undoubtedly be earth and mud around. Fantastic for hiding human odors, earth scents are a great choice for keeping you hidden from your target.

Some cover scents use natural, organic compounds such as vanillin, pine or acorn which are super effective at imitating the surrounding area, masking your odor and getting right into a deer’s nose.

Others are designed to create a calming effect on deer, and mask your odor by recreating natural bedding environments, so the deer will be less alert than usual as it enters the area, and will be looking to settle down. This, in turn, increases the chance of the deer being still, giving you the opportunity to get a clear shot. 


When you’re using a cover scent for deer hunting, you’ll also want to give some thought to the area that you’re hunting in and what you intend on placing it on. 

If you have a lot of hunting gear, or a large hunting blind, then a cover scent that has a good amount of product in it will allow you to cover a wider area without leaving any traces of human odor. 

Some cover scents are powerful enough to cover you from up to three quarters of a mile away, meaning that a deer can wander into your hunting area without having sensed your presence from a good distance away. 


Covering your scent when you’re out hunting is crucial, but it is also only half of the battle. Afterall, there’s no use in masking your odor if there’s no deer to hunt. 

Try looking for a scent cover that won’t only mask human odors, but that will also help to attract any deer in the area to your position. 

Some scent covers are designed using doe urine, which imitates the breeding habits and scents of a doe in heat, and will help to lure in bucks into your hunting area. These are a fantastic way to get deer to come to you, and are strong enough to keep you concealed whilst you line up your shot. 


The method in which your cover scent is applied to your clothing, hunting gear or the surrounding area is something else to give some thought too. 

Aerosols are good for getting a fine layer of coverage across multiple items with ease, and some even come with lock-down nozzles so you can empty an entire can at once and create a cloud of scent cover.

Wax sticks take a little longer to apply across your chosen items, but will give you the ability to accurately place your scent with minimal mess or wastage, and will also reduce the risk of any accidental spillages in your hunting pack. 

Size & Portability

When you’re out on a hunting trip, you’re going to have a hunting pack filled with all of your essentials, as well as some extra room for hauling your meat back home. 

Remember, also, that once you’ve emptied out your can of cover spray you’re still going to need to transport it home to dispose of correctly. 

With that in mind, your cover scent needs to be compact enough to store in your pack without taking up too much space, as well as being lightweight so as to not add to the weight of your gear. 

Extra Features

It’s always worth seeing how much you can get for your money, so look for a cover scent that comes with some extra features.

You can buy entire scent cover packs, that will not only help to mask any human odors when you’re out in the field, but will set you up for success before you’ve even stepped out of the door by removing and neutralizing odors on your clothes in the wash with special detergent.

Some of these packs even include soap bars that can be used to mask human odors when used in the shower, and can be taken on longer trips so you can keep clean without risking smelling of anything artificial.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does scent cover really matter for deer hunting?

Covering your scent when you’re hunting deer is absolutely imperative. Deer have got one of the most powerful senses of smell in the animal kingdom, and the majority of their brain functionality is designated solely to picking up foreign smells in their habitats. So, to increase your chances of successfully hunting a deer, covering your scent should be a top priority.

Which scent is best to go for when hunting deer?

Give some thought to the environment that you’re hunting in. Earth scents are a great choice as you’re almost guaranteed to be in an earthy area when stalking deer, so nothing will seem out of place to a deer as they enter the area. Other scents use organic scents to mask your odor and prevent a deer from sniffing you out.

Is cover scent spray or stick better?

This is a matter of personal preference, really. Aerosols are easier to apply to a variety of clothing, hunting gear and surrounding vegetation, and can even be emptied in one go to create a cloud of scent cover. Wax sticks are better for accurate placement, and tend to last longer than sprays.

How do I hide my scent and still attract deer?

Look for a hunting cover spray that doubles up as an attractant as well. Anything containing doe urine is great for this, as it will mimic a doe’s sexual activity during breeding season and help to lure in bucks, whilst simultaneously masking human odors. 


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